Where do you store your small appliances?

rmiriamFebruary 20, 2013

I am planning an L-shaped kitchen with an island. I think :) My current dilemma is that there is one corner space in this layout, and I need to decide between a corner cabinet with susans, or drawers with a dead corner. I know the general consensus on the board is drawers above all, and I have a bathroom behind the corner, so I can even use some of the dead space for storage in there. However, if I donâÂÂt have a corner cabinet, my uncreative brain canâÂÂt quite figure out where I will store all my small appliances - rice cooker, crock pot, etc. I wonâÂÂt have a pantry closet, just an 18-24â tall cabinet that will likely hold food items. For those of you with no closet in your kitchen, where do you store your small appliances?

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Mine are on a pull out shelf in a lower cab with doors. I don't have a corner (gallery kitchen), but this cab is in the end of a run away from the main working area. I think susans are a good place for small appliances, especially the ones we don't use a lot. You wouldn't be the first GWer with that set up.

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I have one of those kitchens, too, without a "real" panty, just a 21 inch wide tall panty cabinet with pull out shelves, but it actually works very well for food items and stores a lot of stuff. I prefer a mix of drawers and doors on the base cabinets, and use a couple of the door cabinets to store small appliances. I keep my food processor, blender, and mixers in one smallish cabinet that has a half shelf (the small accessories go on the shelf). My larger items (crockpot, etc.) go in the corner cabinet ... there is no susan there, but rather shelves that criss-cross each other ... I think it's called an easy-reach option, or something like that. I can store a lot of things in there, including tall things. I also have two narrow base cabinets with doors that are perfect for storing baking sheets and cutting boards (standing on end).

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I store tons of them in my super susan.

I don't think it is fair to say that there is a consensus on this forum for drawers over corner susans. Drawers are preferred over cabs and ROTS, sure, but corners are a different matter. There are drawer adherents and there are susan adherents (without even getting into the varieties of susans).

And then there is the Korner King. Perhaps you can have both!

Here is a link that might be useful: Korner King

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Wow, Angie, those Korner Kings are amazing! Clearly GWers aren't the only ones who obsess about lost space in the corners :) Ginny20, I'm coming from a house that had a galley kitchen, which I loved, so this corner thing is new to me!

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I have the Korner King. It holds my rice cooker, small food processor, hand blender and several other oddly shaped kitchen items. The shelves do not have enough space between them to hold my KA mixer. I have that on a pull out shelf that I had them install so the correct amount of height was available, and the crock pot is on the shelf with less height.

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In one corner cabinet I have two super susans shelves which hold most of my small appliances: Sous Vide Supreme, Vacuum sealer, food processor, mixer, Vitamix blender, electric teakettle, knife sharpener, Nesco roaster, waffle iron, and probably a couple more odds and ends I forgot. Everything is immediately accessible.

Because the susans are a bit smaller than the available space, 3 cookie sheets, a jelly roll pan and a stovetop grill slide in vertically on the sides.

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