Help Me Organize My Master Bedroom Reach-In Closet

chiommyMay 3, 2012


Our MB reach-in closet is 87"wide x 24"deep x 96" high. It has one lenght of rod running from one end to the other and two long shelves above the rod. My husband's shirts and other clutter are slowing running me out of the closet. I dread the day I'll come home to find that the rod has collapsed and al the clothes and other stuff in the closet on the floor.

We have a good handyman but I need your thoughts/suggestions as to how to better divide/organize/partition the closet. It has two bifold doors and access to the attic is also inside the closet. I would post a picture but the clutter is too embarrassing. Help! Please!! Thanks.

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I would start by getting rid of every thing that you no longer need then measure shirts and pants. Do double rods where possible and even some shelves. I would google closet organizers to get an idea of what you can do and it also depends on budget.

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I agree with dd50.

It is very hard to make recommendations when we don't know what you have and how you store them.

Some people hang jeans; some do not.
Some people hang t-shirts; some do not.
Lots of shoes kept in the closet or not?
Need handbag storage?

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Chio, if you are worried about the rod collapsing, add extra brackets to hold it up. Then do as suggested, sorting and figuring out what you need. One side can have double rods for shirts and the other side can have a single rod for longer stuff like pants and dresses.

Since you are labeling your husband as the culprit, you could divide the closet rod in half. One side is his, and one is yours. He has to find a way to make all of this stuff fit on his side. Another method is to reverse the hangers on everything and if it is still like that after a year, toss it, because it never got worn.

I'm sure you will find lots of ideas, but it isn't clear if you are asking how to organize or how to keep his stuff from crowding out yours.

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Thanks for the replies. The closet has one long rod at running the length of it and two shelves above the rod about 20 inches apart. My husband has more shirts than anyone needs (though he''ll never admit this)and his shirts take up his half of the closet and about half of my side as well. We don't store shoes in the closet but use the shelves for folded jeans, sweaters, t shirts and other stuff. I would store my handbags in the closet if there was space. We also store our carry on bags at the bottom of the closet but I guess we could relocate those. Thanks again for the help.

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Have the handyman make a barrier in the middle of the closet ... and divide up the space on each side according to the clothing that each person has. If your husband has so many shirts he needs two rods, mount two of them. But if they won't all fit along with his jeans and t-shirts and sweaters, he may have to do some wardrobe pruning. (does everything fit? does he wear all the shirts?)

Do you have room for off-season storage elsewhere? Or for t-shirts and sweaters in a dresser drawer?

And definitely get the luggage out of the prime closet space unless you travel weekly.

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