Need help designing DIY closets

brutusesMay 1, 2009

I need to design closets for my new house using either Lowe's or HD closet organizational systems. I can't afford IKEA or California Closets, etc. I don't have a clue what parts to even buy to get the process started. I know what features I want, but don't know how to get them to connect. I tried designing one on a couple of on line sites, but their options are limited and I can't get the exact design I want. Can anyone help me to even get started? Maybe show photo's of a clost you've DIY'd

Thanks so much.

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this site shows a few basic designs that combine a unit with drawers and the 2 level hanging vs long hanging. I had custom
closets done and now realize I don't have enough long hanging.
If you have space to incorporate a unit with drawers, it's very useful so you can get almost completely dressed in your closet,accessories and all.

If your dh is very tall, make sure the double hanging is measured well, use a dress shirt as a gauge ; also decide on what types of hangers you'll use, some of them are long from hook to bar, and that eats up some space.
It's worth it to put some time in the planning but it's a
tedious process; don't Lowes or HD have booklets that go with their systems they sell, maybe their in house designers have some knowledge.

Here is a link that might be useful: closet pictures

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It took me a while but I finally designed our closets using the system at Lowe's. First you want to figure out how much hanging space you need, and how much of that space will be for longer items (dresses, coats, etc.). Then decide how much shelf space you want. Is your closet a walk-in or reach-in? For the reach-in in my daughter's room we put one stack of shelves off center. On the smaller side I put a pole for longer items. On the longer side we did 2 poles, an upper and lower, for shirts, pants, etc. My walk-in is more elaborate but it would be easier to post a pic than try to explain it. Can someone tell me how to post pictures here? I have tried but can't figure it out.

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thanks Mitch

ebear, do you already have your photo's copied to a photo site like Photobucket, Flicker or one of the others? I can only tell you how to copy from Photobucket. Let me know if this is where you have your photo's.

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I'm not very computer savvy, I don't even know what Photobucket is! LOL. I have them on my computer and on HP Image Zone but that's about it. Thanks anyway!

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We did a closet using IKEA kitchen cabinets, hanging racks from Lowes, and a shoe organizer from the Container Store. I know you ruled out IKEA, but the hanging bars from Lowes are really cheap, and maybe if you skimp on those...

We have a small-ish closet and needed something really custom. I am very happy with what we ended up. Pics are in this thread (scroll down to the 3rd or 4th post, not the first post)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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kgsd, thanks so much. I've considered using different parts from different systems as I like different parts from a few systems I've reviewed. Thanks for telling me about the cheap poles, I will stay away from them for sure. BTW, you sure do have a lot more shoes than I do. LOL The most I ever owned was about 6 pair. Now that I don't work outside the home I'm down to 4. HA! So shoe storage is not a priority with me. DH has a total of 4 or 5 also. Those Ikea cabinets look really nice.

When I eventually get something put together I'll post some photo's. Thanks again.

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No, actually the cheap poles are very nice. They're cheap meaning inexpensive, just because they're pretty basic. I like them a lot. They were perfect for what I needed and have held up very well.

Haha - the shoe section is my favorite part of the closet. And it was a good way to use a weird wall.

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Oh kgsd, that's even better to know. Thanks

I know a lot of women like lots of shoes. I've always had such tender feet I never could accumulate lots. The ones I could wear were so dang expensive and the styles of very, very comfortable shoes is limited, unless you have $500 and up to pay for a pair, which I did not. Back then $100 was a lot. What am I saying, $100 is a lot now. HA! So I'd have the same style in every color they made.

My father's feet were so tender he had to have his shoes special made. Guess that's who I inherited the tender feet from.

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Have you looked into the Container Store's Elfa system? Elfa is a lot cheaper than than those California Closet systems, far superior and looks darn good. Before we installed it in the master closet (then second and third bedroom closets, then the garage) we painted the walls a beautiful steel blue/grey. Our floors in the master bedroom and closet are a dark espresso brown maple distressed wood, so we used the Elfa walnut accent pieces, solid shelves, and the platinum hardwareÂeveryone who has walked into our closest has been blown away at how beautiful it looks. Not only is it organized to the nines, but the closet is down right elegant.

We bought it on sale 30% off all basic pieces and 50% off the decorative (wood pieces). The system is very well designed and very well built--much better than that stuff at Lowes and Home Depot. And it looks far better than the stuff at Lowes/Home Depot. Yes, it is a bit more expense than those systems, but the quality and looks are worth the extra cost.

Anything that needs to be custom cut will be done for you by the Container Store. Also, the computer program figures out everything you need to complete your design--it includes an inventory list and price sheet so you know the exact cost. Plus, if you buy it and decide you don't want it--it's all returnable. And yes, even the custom cut pieces are returnable; or if six months after you install your system you discover several extra packages of drywall anchors you didn't use, you can return them as well.

You need some basic measurements (call a store or go online to learn more) and provide that info to a designer at the store; he/she will input the info into a computer program then give you a print out of the design to take home. You can change your design anytime as the design is saved in the computer. You don't have to buy a thing to take advantage of the design service. If you don't have a store near you, you can go online and put in you basic closet info and a specialist will contact you and help you custom design you closet complete with an inventory list and price list. Never once were we every pressured to buy after completing a design--ever. You can do a design and see how the price compares to the Lowes/Home Depot systems if you want.

What I like best about the system is you can change and add to it at any time. So if you can only afford to buy a basic set up, each time it goes on sale, add a few more components.

The sale just ended, but Elfa goes back on sale Dec 24th until the second week of Feb or so. IMO, it's worth it to wait for it to go on sale.

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Thanks calgal, but no I still haven't completed this project. I am considering using part of the elfa system, but still not sure I can afford any of it. Building my new house has left us broke!!LOL

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How did you take out the old closet poles? Also, has anyone used the Schulte system? It's the one they use a lot on "Clean House". It looks easy enough, except that it needs a long flat wall surface for the vertical mounts, and my wall has a built in "lip". Thinking about shimming the wall to level.

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