Nice Looking Container Solutions? -- Bathroom

bmorehonMay 12, 2007

Hi everyone, We have just recently rennovated our bathroom, but don't have doors yet on our linen closet, so we want to find a nice-looking solution for storage of toiletry items.

To my chagrin, the Hold Everything store is no longer (I guess I've been out of the loop for a while!)

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look for clean, minimal, nice-looking bins or boxes?

TIA for any help!

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There might be other "organization" stores in your area (check your phone book under Storage; I went to the on-line business directory and searched for "organizing"). Then there's always Target and IKEA if you live near one of those.

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You also could try larger office-supply stores -- especially the ones which will special-order through a catalog.

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T.J. Maxx; Linen n Things; Bed, Bath & Beyond --- lots of stores now carry storage items.

Also check out The Container Store online too! Or

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I keep seeing them at Wal Marts and wishing I had some place to put them, and something to put in them.

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I use ones I got at the Container Store. They're also available online. Here's a link to the ones I have:

They come in two sizes, and different translucent colors (I saw green, orange, pink, blue) if you don't want clear. I bought the clear ones because it was easy to see what's inside.

Here are the blue ones:

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions -- the container store is a great resource!

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I like to use funky things around the house for storage. Because we live in an old farmhouse -- alot of my bathroom containers are vintage stuff.

I'm a flower farmer so my bath is garden-themed. We took a kitchen work table -- removed the top--added a shelf at the base. I have no enclosed storage except for two small vintage medicine cabinets.

So I use a pretty basket with liners that I made out of the same fabric as the shower curtain -- one holds make-up (daily essentials only)and the other holds hair dryer, gel and brushes. I use Mc Coy flower pots to hold nail clippers, tweezers, files -- the other holds extra combs and disposable razors.

Old canning jars hold powder puffs, bandaids, bath salts and sit on top of the medicine cabinets.

I have an old tin picnic basket -- it hold feminine hygine products along with a few extra rolls of toliet paper.

I also used a small white bowl for a soap dish -- a cast iron flower frog for a toothbrush holder and a very small flowerpot to hold Q-tips. My garbage can is an enamel slop jar --complete with lid -- it was so new when I bought it the label was still on it!!!

Maybe something different than the same old plastic container????


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Cathy, I want to come live with you....what a lovely sounding home and a flower farm to boot!!!!!
I'm not too imaginative, so I use baskets for TP, magazines, extra soaps, shampoos, etc.. I use the jars that candles come in (I used up the candles and washed the jars good) for Q-tips and cotton balls. A pretty mug for toothbrush and paste and a small ironstone dish for soap....thhhhhhhat's all folks.

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I'd probably just put a curtain on a pressure rod to cover the opening until I was ready to put the door up. That way I wouldn't feel like I had to keep the area totally neat and organized. But I do tend to be a bit on the lazy side these days.


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Jaybird -- do you weed???? If so, I will keep you! I use the old candle jars too -- except I use them for herbs and spices. They are so practical.

I love to antique and "junk" -- so I have to find practical purposes for what I buy and storage is always needed. My latest "junque" purchase have been 1930's light shades -- the ones with 3 holes in them. I've been converting them to flower hanging baskets for inside my corncrib/gazebo.


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i bought a bunch of baskets at Goodwill. Also I use glass storage jars for things like q-tips and cottton balls, also bought at goodwill. We moved into a 3 bathroom house from a one bathroom house and I really needed to improvise. Also use some bags with pull ties, perhaps one for each person, in pretty colors.

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I too love finding new uses for old things (I used to love checking out the newest storage gadgets, but my budget now requires creative, low-cost ways to organize)

I find small glass jars at the Dollar Store, Big Lots, thrift stores, etc. to house cotton balls, swabs, and the like. A milkglass vase from a thrift store keeps my toothbrush/paste handy. I also recycle glass spaghetti jars with the metal lids to hold extra supplies - you can paint the lids to match your decor.

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Are these to be permanent, or temporary? I am also in the process of re-doing everything (that happens when I clear stuff out).

In the bathrooms, I took smallish boxes and covered them with wrapping paper, wrapped them up fancy with the top open, to use temporarily until I figure out what I'm doing. (I come across lots of little boxes so it seems I always have a few) Just a thought, and these worked great for potpourri, and it's easy to change colors of just throw them away.

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I'm really interested in hearing more about your corn crib gazebo. We're in the process of starting to "remodel" a wire corn crib. Any help and pictures would be GREAT!.

Love this site.

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