finding things lost after house fire

ronbreMay 20, 2009

Well we decided to put our soaker hoses out..we had soaker hoses as an irrigation system over the entire yard before the housefire..but they were ripped up and thrown SOMEWHERE before the house was torn down..and no one knew quite where??

well after a thorough search, we found boxes and boxes of old ripped up soaker hoses and connections..

so i spent yesterday and the day before sorthing through them, weeding out the holes and repairing them and getting them i put soaker hoses on day before yesterday in the greenhouse and the veggie garden around it..then yesterday got the entire 45 x 45 berrie/nut/perennial veg garden done..not complete coverage but much better than it was with nothing..and last night I got about 80' of the front gardens mostly covered with soaker hoses..some spots wont' get wet..but most will.

there were a few sections left..i might actually be able to piece together enough to do one small section of our back yard shade garden..then i think i'll have run out..

also..this mess won't be stored somewhere taking up room..but will be out in the garden doing it's job..

I also had an old tackle box and i sorted all the connectors out and put them neatly in place in the old tackle box..and labeled it "soaker hose connections" now i don't have to wonder where they are any longer..(you always have some break and need replacing)..

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ronbre, how are your soaker hoses working now? Still in good order?

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i found 3 boxes of them and the connections, got them all out into the gardens over the past week and they are all working very well....sure better than schlepping hoses all over..glad i found them and got them installed.

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