Benefits of being organized

claire_de_lunaMay 16, 2007

I'd like to hear the last ''benefit'' you experienced from being organized.

I've gone through four rooms on one end of my house, relentlessly tossing and downsizing things that are no longer useful to me. At first, I loved the totally naked walls and floors because of the possibilities they seemed to offer. After I started putting things back, I realized I was initially uncomfortable by the lack of a full room! I have intentionally left a wall of one room blank while I figure out what my needs are. Through the the process I have learned to be more comfortable with space and as long as I have everything I need, am choosing to view it as breathing room. I've been wanting a luxurious bedroom and finally realized that for me, that means total simplicity.

My greatest benefit of ''No Surface Clutter'' is being able to clean up in record time, since everything has a place to go home to. Dusting is a total breeze, and since I actually hate to dust, that is saying something!

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Here are a few ongoing benefits of organization:

1) I don't have to wonder where an item might be, I just go to the place where I keep it.

2) Company can stop by and I don't freak out because stuff is mostly put away unless it's something I'm working on.

3) Yes, less surface clutter means dusting is much easier!

4) Cleaning is easier because there's less straightening needed in order to mop, wipe the counter, etc.

5) Since I organized the shelves at the top of the basement steps, my dining room only has the laptop sitting on the table -- no wires or printer hanging around. When it's time for dinner or company comes over, all I have to do is take the laptop to the closet and the room is clear. Love it!


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Friday when the washer hose escaped the laundry tub and flooded the mudroom, pantry and storage room below, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful and happy I'd recently tackled and cleared up those areas. Only a couple boxes of ancient textbooks in the basement got nailed - and they were on the way out anyway. Had this happened last month, wooo, that would have been ugly! Whew.

Day to day I'm just liking being able to find things immediately. And using/enjoying what I have because I know what I have. I'm feeling more streamlined and orderly. And less piggy (mess wise and consumption wise).

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I'm not a minimalist; I like to have lots of stuff around. But organizing has made me discriminate between the stuff I have and don't really see or care about vs. the things I really do want. So out with the old sci-fi books I'll never read again, but make room for the full set of hardback Edith Wharton from the library sale!

I took all my art down and only put back the things I really like - it is still quite a lot, but, oh, so much prettier.

Got rid of all the icky old dishtowels - how great to reach into the drawer and pull out something pretty everytime! And so on with underwear, and coffee mugs (I'm trying to get dd to take this view about her toys, with little success.)

So for me, organizing is just as much about defining and refining my taste as it is about decluttering.

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when the washer hose escaped the laundry tub and flooded the mudroom.... Only a couple boxes of ancient textbooks in the basement got nailed

Marie26, are you listening? Move that box of textbooks from the garage to the laundry room.

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LOL talley sue, I actualy was thinking of Marie's dilemna as I was mopping up.

It would solve the problem of those books...

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Just that simple joy of having a day that flows --- and not a day that keep slamming into speed bumps or roadblocks!! LOL!

If a basic task goes quickly -- then there's more time for a fun one -- like tea and a few minutes with a fresh magazine.

Or having a bath -- and having all the necessary items (like my fav bath bubbles from "Kiss My Face" on hand)

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1) yes

2) yes

3) yes

4) yes

but alas, only in theory for me.

Celticmoon, I've had a couple of things to deal with recently and I get so upset thinking about the complications that have ensued because the decluttering isn't more advanced. How I would love a day where I'm not slamming into speedbumps or roadblocks. Well put, Teacats.

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macbirch, please don't beat yourself up. I think that's just life. It's only a delay for the moment and truly just one step at a time. I know I have to focus on what's been accomplished instead of what's left to do. Otherwise I might not ever climb out of bed!

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The benefit for me is mental. I have room in my head for what I need to think about during the day. But it took me a long time to realize it's hard to be mentally organized when your environment is packed to the gills.

The biggest benefit by far is the fact the my kids are growing up learning how to be organized.


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Gloria, how fortunate for your kids.

One benefit is that it's so easy to put something away. I know where it belongs, and there aren't a zillion other things crowding into its space. My kitchen is the most organized room in my house. It truly is a joy to cook in there... and not a royal pain to clean up either.

The rest of the house is not as well organized, especially the office. And we haven't yet emptied all the stuff out of the old house. But we're getting there!

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Thank you, Claire.

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I was just looking at the Webby Awards website and one of the nominated sites was www.veryfunnyads.coms. Go to most watched and click on the Ikea:spaghettis ad.

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click on the Ikea:spaghettis ad

THAT'S what we're talking about! :-)

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I admit it; I watched the IKEA spaghetti ad. That certainly could be one reason to put your shoes away.

Moving on...

My bedroom is finally to the point where my unmade bed is the only thing out of place, so I make it first thing. DH says it's really nice to come in and find the bed made, and if that's all that makes me uncomfortable, I'd say that's been a real benefit!

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I just saw a new ad on tv, for McCafe. I'm in Australia so I don't know if there's a version showing where you are. Lady is on her way to work. Buys a coffee and everything fixes itself, with the help of an intriguing special effect which sort of folds the problem out of the scene. Traffic delay disappears. Clutter on desk disappears. If only it were that easy.

I finally realised there was one (small) thing that was easier to accomplish recently. DH was able to reach something he needed in the garage because I sorted it a few weeks ago. And it's nice that when I park in there the door doesn't catch on the bags of potting mix. Hey, every little bit helps.

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EXACTLY -- "Every Little Bit Helps" -- yes yes yes!!

And organization in the home OR office really does prove the point that: "It ain't always the big stuff that gets you" -- it can be organizing even the smallest of the "things that bug you" that can really help in everyday ways.

Eliminate Speedbumps and Roadblocks -- No Matter How Small!:)

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We still have a long way to go in terms of being organized. One good thing we did when we bought this house last year was to think in terms of function. We made sure we had a room or area for the crafting, the kid's toys, the main computer and home office stuff. We don't have everything set up or out of boxes yet, but that's only part procrastination. I'm trying to see what stuff we really need and what can live without.

Our added benefit to all of this is that I can clean the public areas of the house in about an hour. Visitors will see the playroom when they walk in the door, but that's kid mess and is contained to that area. The living room, dining room, and kitchen areas are relatively clutter free and any mess is a work in progress. Oh and I finally discoverd that sippy cups are huge mess makers so I eliminated them. They gave us a false sense of security and we ended up with more stains and messes because of them. Now the kids will try to help clean up a spill if they make them. It's easier since the drinks are limited to the kitchen/dining room areas of the house instead of all over the house.

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I can relate to eliminating speedbumps or getting rid of items that seem to be a good idea but actually aren't. A good example of that for me was a having a chair in the bedroom. I don't need to hang out in my bedroom, and all the chair did for me was provide a place to collect clothes. Getting rid of the chair eliminated the problem, since I have to put the clothes away if I want to make the bed.

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When my DS got married, I could not find my wedding album to show him. It's buried under who-knows-what. Now isn't that sad?

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