Corner Storage solution?

Maura63May 13, 2008

I have an empty corner in my family room, next to a doorway that leads to our so-called mud room (which is lacking in storage options). I would like to get a storage unit of some sort for this corner. I want this to be closed storage, since it will be hiding things you might typically find in a mud room. (Or, at the very least, closed storage below and maybe a "display" upper part.)

I am undecided about getting an actual "corner" piece, which would look nice, aesthetically -- or if I should consider a standard bookcase (with closed lower storage) and caddy-corner it. I think the second option provides more space.

If you have either, please tell me the pros and cons of these options -- thanks!


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It seems none here has either of these...

It would help though, if you said what you plan to store in that unit.

(I´m not sure what you mean by caddy-corner it.)

What I would do however is, first, have some functional, easy to use and eye pleasing storage in the mud-room (like a combination of A FEW hooks/shelves/baskets, maybe a bench) for the things that we use everyday coming and going, like a launch pad for every member of the family. Then, I would just close off the corner you mention behind doors (a custom made corner closet) and fit it with hooks and shelves - not to deep, to allow for a big item, like a vacuum cleaner, to be placed on the floor at the front. The closet would hold the extra mud-room type things, that you don´t use daily but want to have on hand.

I would never ever get a corner unit with display space at the top.

Just my 2 cents.


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I meant to say: a custom made BUILT-IN corner closet, not free standing.

You don´t mention if you rent or own the place though.


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Maura's renting (Did I remember right? Maybe I have you confused w/ someone), I think, so custom built-in wouldn't be that useful in that situation.

If it's renting, I think I'd try to stick w/ a rectangular cabinet instead of triangular.

I have a triangular *closet*, and it's the only size that fits there, but it's sort of a pain--stuff gets in the way-back corner and it's hard to get out. I have to do funky things w/ folding the towels, etc. If rectangular were an option, I'd pick it.

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