Using furniture as a vanity

tzmarygMay 19, 2009

The vanity has to go, it is truly ugly. It is 60". It would be better if it were a few inches shorter, but is a double sink and needs to stay a double sink. I can find no ready made double vanity that works and combining two 30"ers runs into the unsymetrical door issue. So... I have been looking at various dressers that are 60"s and the proper depth, but I am unsure if this is a good idea to follow up on. I'm not ready to go with vessel sinks. Has anyone had experience with converting furniture into vanities? What have you done for a counter top?

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Lots of stone places sell "scraps" from larger jobs at reduced rates. You just have to be sure that the dresser is built well enough to handle the weight. You could also tile the top with stone. I've seen people use handmade tiles as well.

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What about doing two pedestal sinks and ditching the vanity idea all together?
Putting a sink into a dresser isn't going to give you very much in the way of storage since most of the drawers end up as nonfunctional due to pipes.

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We converted this little dresser into a vanity for the guest bath. DH modified the top drawers so they are still functional. Unfortunately, the instructions I had typed up for the entire process was lost when our computer crashed. I will have to retake some photo's of the drawers that were modified and reload them onto the computer. I can work on that if you'd like to see them. Here is a photo of the vanity.

In the master bath I wanted to find a large buffet or dresser to convert to double sinks, but couldn't find one I liked and/or could afford. So I opted for 2 old looking new vanities. Ignore the extension cord, house is still under construction.

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