Newbie here what a fun forum....

hibiscus53May 10, 2007

I'm enjoying reading all the posts and wanted to say this is great. I too have been fighting the battle of decluttering especially since we're getting ready to move.Greetings to all.

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welcome to the club! Now be sure to brag about your triumphs (no matter how small), so you can encourage us!

pop quiz: What one are of your home or life is nearly always organized? (so we can ooh, and ahh, and admire you)

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Thanks for the nice welcome talley. I just did my closet simply bcuz like I mentioned we're moving and I refuse to pay to move things that I don't use. LOL at your comment of which area of my life is always organized, does the car count? LOLOLOL!!!

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We're glad you like this forum. We all think it's one of the nicest ones on gardenweb. If anyone gets snarky, they just get told to hush.

Got to get back outside. Spring has finally hit and I'm way behind in clean-up. As always.


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Welcome Hibiscus. I'm newish and I love this forum.

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Oh, yes, does the car count!

If anyone gets snarky, they just get told to hush.

This is true--however, we're also willing to speak pretty straight with one another (mostly bcs we're telling someone the same "home truths" that WE need to hear. We're all in much the same boat--even if our individual "hot spots" or trouble areas are different.

And even those of us who seem very organized, can understand those of us who seem phenomenally out of whack.

Kindred spirits, and all that. It's easier to hear "you just have to stop being lazy" from someone who goes on to say, "that's what I tell myself" or "that's what I'm learning."

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Welcome aboard. I'm newish here, too. Very supportive group. Yes, what talley sue said -- definitely easier to hear things from people who have similar issues and are quite open about it.

Now, see, you had to go and mention *the car*. A stab of guilt just went right through me. Took my car to the mechanic the day before yesterday for an inspection and was really embarassed to leave it there. It needs a bath so badly. Tons of pollen, bird poo, and dust and dirt all over the outside. The inside is usually quite tidy (I don't like garbage and stuff on the seats or floor), but the trunk is packed with Salvation Army donations. I was wondering if my dirty exterior was going to give off the vibe that my car is a piece of crap and that I don't care about it. I certainly want the mechanic to treat my car as well as possible. It's 18 years old but still runs good, the body is in great shape, and only has 150,000 miles on it. I love my Celica! I guess keeping the exterior washed is something I need to work on.


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Oh Tina, in recent weeks my house has deteriorated from being a bit cluttered, needs work, to virtually logjammed. Won't go into the details. I was thinking of starting a thread titled do it, do it now (because things can go out of control real fast). Anyway, of course that's when three things had to go wrong and I had three tradesmen here today. Very embarrassing.

One tradesman said ignore what they told you in the shop, this is incompatible, call me back when you get one that will work. One said you know you could have just changed the battery (yes, that was the first thing I suggested to DH!) And the jury is still out on how well the third went.

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Sorry to digress, hibiscus . . . .

Macbirch -- I'm not rationalizing, but it could be worse. Our situations remind me of a story about my grandmother. My mother and uncle told me when they were growing up she was a fanatic about making sure they had on clean underwear. Not that they didn't always, it was just something she was obsessed with. Like the Underwear Police might stop by any moment. She lived in a house down the street from both of our families, and until she reached her late 90s she took care of all her own yard work. It was amazing. One day a neighbor found her lying in the backyard calling out for help because she couldn't get back up by herself. Fortunately, she wasn't injured, but it was discreetly pointed out that my grandmother hadn't been wearing ANY underwear. We all had a pretty good chuckle about that!


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Tina, remember there's 1) clean; 2) tidy; and 3) organized.

They are not the same thing (though they often masquerade as one another, and they genuinely influence one another).

A grubby car is not necessarily disorganized. I suppose if it's grubbiness is contributing to outer-body rust through, then it's also disorganized, since keeping things in "healthy" condition is one aspect of being organized.

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Welcome Hibiscus....

I'm a daily lurker and occasional poster. I've gained lots of valuable advice from fellow-forum-members, and often am in need of that kick in the pants.

Ditto what Talley Sue said about "kindred spirits" and all :- )

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LOL Tina.

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I"m a lurker and this is my favorite home forum.

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