Recently moved house........keeping on top of the housework......

swmboMay 26, 2007

We have recently moved into our new home (found that moving was a wonderful opportunity to purge, purge, purge!! For instance, managed to reduce my kitchen things by at least a 1/3, and what was left has gone into a kitchen that's double the size of my old one. Feels so organized :)

However, I need some ideas/hints how to keep on top of the general day to day housework etc, I was quite organized in our previous home, so I know I can do it, however this place is significantly larger, and it is taking me longer to get to everything that needs doing, that's the part I am struggling with.

swmbo :-)

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We recently moved long distance but I wasn't organized enough beforehand to purge everything. I'm doing that as I unpack.

Have you heard of FlyLady? I know a few people who really like her housekeeping methods. Last time I looked her way she was helping people set up morning and evening routines for the basic cleaning, and then weekend routines, and then having special clear-out-the-clutter events.

She encourages people to have regular housecleaning routines rather than once or twice a year big cleanings.

I've read about her system but never really used it as it's intended. It seems like a good idea, or at least a place to start.

Here is a link that might be useful: FlyLady

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Thanks's a big thing this moving isn't it? I felt quite organized in the lead up to the move, yet it sure takes it out of you no matter how prepared you think you are for the move :)
Thanks for your suggestion of FlyLady.....I think I will pay her a visit! I had my system in place at our old place and it may just be the case that I need to learn a new system for our new home! Am certainly open to suggestions :)
Good luck with your purging/unpacking.....I was ruthless when packing and so far I have not missed anything that I got rid of....Happy Purging :)
Thanks again minet.

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One thing to cope w/ a larger space is to make sure there's less stuff to interfere.

It's just going to take longer to Swiffer a larger room, simple math. But if you can, in the larger home, have fewer pieces of furniture, or fewer extra stuff sitting around, then it will go faster.

You might also look into The Clean Team--esp. if it's strictly the cleaning that's more time consuming. Their techniques are specifically adapted for SPEED.

And, new technologies (like Miracle Cloth microfiber dusting cloths, or Swiffers, or better vacuum cleaners, etc.) might speed you up as well.

Congrats on the new house!

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Thanks Talley Sue,

I shall look into The Clean Team right now ~ I haven't heard of them, so am interested to see what they are about!

Thanks for the congrats, we are enjoying our new home and are happy to be here :-)

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I just moved into a larger home and have similar issues. Generally I'm finding a larger home easier to keep tidy (there's a place for everything, more open space, etc.) but harder to keep clean just because as you note it takes longer to vacuum, mop, etc. a larger space. My first thought was to divide the house into 3 "zones" (bedrooms, main floor living space, and basement playroom/bath) and clean each once a week. But now I'm leaning toward one task per day throughout the whole house: e.g. dusting on Mondays, vacuuming on Tuesdays, bathrooms on Wednesdays, laundering sheets and towels on Thursdays, etc.

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Do I recall correctly that this is the week you are scheduled for your surgery? I am keepiong you in my thoughts and prayers and hope to hear (when you can) that all is well and you are on the mend and beavering away at your scrapbooking project.

I hope your biggest worry is frustration at being told to keep resting when you're feeling so much better.


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