mounting a 19th century marble sink

old_house_j_i_mMay 10, 2011

I am about to reno my downstairs powder room (previously the back stairs, thought about putting them back, but the half bath won the coin toss)

I have an antique marble sink top, with an undermount bowl and a pair of massive brackets that I want to install in the bathroom.

Any suggestions on how to support all of this and not have the sink fall off the wall, or the marble crack?

I have never installed anything like this, but have inspected a tiny corner sink made up of similar parts - it had a huge wooden wall build under and behind it for support, so what do I need to do to support my 18 x 20" one?

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If the bowl is sized to fit the marble top, or is original to it, then the brackets will support it all with no problem. The brackets MUST be securely mounted to studs in the wall no matter what.

One caveat, do not lean on the sink too heavily or load it down with tons of accessories--other than that, you should have no problems.

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So, columbusguy, its really that simple ? I was thinking of mounting a wood frame under the sink so the brackets actually hold the wood, which in turn holds the marble. I plan to build up the stud wall so the brackets can be mounted securely, and in the place where they need to be, rather than where the studs happen to be.

I am nervous about "leaners" since this is the main public rest room - maybe a tactful "get your hands off me" sign - HA HA

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I don't recall ever seeing a wood frame under marble sinks...look underneath for mounting holes--they should line up with the brackets.

You could do a wood frame, but I think that would detract from the look unless you do it as a sort of furniture style like the skirt of a table.

Those brackets are most likely cast iron, and very sturdy. I think the sign would be great! :) Try to find vintage faucets and think about gilding the brackets, or painting them black, or a bronze finish.

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Thanks again - were thinking alike on this one - I have the original faucets, one for hot, one for cold, no mixing, and am sending to a vintage plumber to see if they can be salvaged.

The brackets are about 18 inches each way and are cast iron, about 35 lbs each. Im not sure what finish Ill put on them, they are painted white, now, that will definitely go.

My handyman, who is laying the floor and redoing the toilet, is coming to do this room in about 2 weeks so I need to figure out the sink before then. Im doing the sink ...

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I'd say the color of the brackets depends on the scheme of the room, but myself, I'd opt for bronze or black.

You don't really need to get the faucets mounted before the handyman gets to that room--he can put shut-off valves near where the faucets will be, then you can hook them up yourself using compression fittings and flexible lines; that is what my bath sink has--saved a lot of money when I did mine. He can also get the drain line set up so you can finish it off yourself.

Glad to hear you have the original faucets--so much better than modern interpretations, which are usually very pricey. :) The sinks in my first apartment were just like that, I loved separate faucets!

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So ... sadly, the marble sink is not going in the half bath. After rebuilding the wall to ensure nothing would ever move and the brackets for the marble sink would stay put, My SO brought a difficult realization to mind ... this is the most used bathroom in the house since guests, some of whom we dont really know well, use it. ensuring that it is never leaned on was too difficult and adding legs in front just ruined the whole look ... SO ... I have ordered a pedestal sink that matches the new (but vintage looking) toilet we got to replace the 6 gal per flush old model. Im sad, but will at least sleep better without worrying that the next guest will lean, crash, break, flood the sink, bones, bathroom.

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my (original) marble sink is in the downstairs half bath. it has dealt with lots of leaners since the house was plumbed. It has a beadboard skirt on the front (there are drawers on the sides and an access panel in the front. I don't know if the beadboard skirting is original, but there is beadboard in the room and it seems to match.

(the bathroom is as wide as the countertop)

Good luck with your new option!!


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