The dog on 'Doc Martin'

alisandeFebruary 13, 2012

I just started watching the first episode of Doc Martin (thanks to the fans at the KT), and saw a dog that looks exactly like Angel, our family's late companion. My daughter Jill found Angel as a puppy, looking abandoned on a road. We had no idea what she was, but a Briard breeder identified her as a Briard. She certainly had all the personality characteristics of a Briard, too, but lived much longer (16 years) than the breed's average (11-12 years). I figured she was a Briard with some hybrid vigor.

I Googled Doc Martin Dog and found discussions of the possible breed. I looked the suggested breeds up, but none of them look as much like the dog in the show as Angel did. Does this dog remain on the show through the various seasons?

Here's Angel:

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On second thought (after seeing more of the show), the TV dog is somewhat smaller and has a shorter nose.

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Angel looks a bit like a Scottish Deerhound who coincidentally won Best in Show last night at Westminster Dog Show.


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Yes, she does! Angel had a little less leg and a lot more hair. LOL

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The dog is a constant thorn in the side of Doc Martin who hates dogs.

As an aside, if you watch it long enough you will get an opinion of Doc Martin and I will be interested in your thoughts. I think he is Aspergers. Or rather he is on the spectrum for Aspergers.

Martin Clune is creepy to me as that Doc and friends laugh when I say I have had nightmares about him but in any case he has many sides to his career and one of his characters is very funny, sorta sloppy. That one is hard on me too!!

Just a thought, if you haven't wiki'd him here are his stats. I too look forward to more 'nightmares.'

Here is a link that might be useful: Martin Clune's Doc Martin.

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He loves animals and has done documentaries on them. Has a farm with many. He has mentioned how the response to animals on his show was a bit difficult since he wouldn't do this in real life. But the cast all love the animals, so I'm sure they are treated well and their training to his harsh words aren't taken as we see.

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Bigbaby and I are both fans of Doc Martin. You'll love the show.


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No, they don't keep the dog in episodes past the first season. :(

Ellie, have you seen Martin Clunes in other shows? He's sooooo different! He's also done a documentary-type show on the small islands off the coast of England in which he appears a congenial and fun man--very ordinary! I think he's so talented to play the Doc character well.

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I too think the character has Aspergers;
in one episode there was an obnoxious "psychologist" who barged into the office uninvited & plunked himself ddown & proceded to chat with Doc Martin, even mentioning how he understood people with Aspergers.

to which Doc Martin replied, "I BEG your pardon?"

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sjerin, I came across another of his shows where he is laughing alot - a jolly fella but didn't stay to watch but told someone in Barcelona!! who enjoys the show and we do talk about him.

Oh, I think I remember something about why the dog wouldn't continue on the show. Oh yeah......

Well, he plays the character of one with Aspergers very well. I don't remember that fella in his office who asked him (maybe that's when it struck me) but just shows you how they stick little clues in.

Will never understand why Louisa loves him. He is so detached from real intimacy or is even a friend. Knows his craft and will do the right thing on auto pilot. Adult avoidance. Ruins every outing for her.

I have a family member who is like that with a similar diagnoses. Very, very detached from the pain he gives out.

HOWEVER, I still watch the same episodes over and over wanting for more.

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I love the show, Doc Martin and want to add my two cents against The Doc having Asperger's. First, in real life we have gotten used to labeling everyone and everything, usually negatively. If you watch often enough, you will see that Martin is a product of his emotionally cruel, distant, and absent parents and unloving up bringing. Surviving these negatives buy diving deeper into and hiding behind his high intelligence, he has developed a shield of protection from emotional pain. What better way to fend off potential friends, enemies, love interests and turn-coats than being "gruff, monosyllabic, and rude" (according to Louisa Glasson, Martin's true love - she adds 'well meaning' in the quote)?

Dr. Ellingham is a different person when he is interacting with those of high rank in his medical field. He is at his most stunted in Cornwall because he is a fish out of water. Louisa asks in S1-E1, what his patient skills are. He responds by listing his disconnected experiences as department head, number of surgeries, and how many years he has been a surgeon. People, emotionally messy, loud, uncouth, annoying people have hurt him deeply and the safest way to have interactions with his species is to serve them with his intelligence through medicine; whether it be through surgery or the GP's office.

There is supposed to be a 6th season to be released later this year in Britain. In the last season, #5, Martin turns to Louisa at the very end of the last episode and says "I'm not going to be like my father!" He's willing to change. He has said so in several episodes and now he declares it! People with disorders such as Asperger's can be lead, trained, taught. Martin is a self-learner. Not likely possible with Asperger's.

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DocFan, thanks for your comments -- that gives me a lot to think about.

Alisande, we are also big fans of the show and even enjoy watching repeat episodes. You will see the dog in that first season, at least.

As sjerin and others have said, Martin Clunes is a nice, down-to-earth fellow in real life, and an animal lover.

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"Doc, what's wrong with my daughter?" "She's annoying!"

I love Doc Martin.

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Hey, kim_okla ... LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! Me too!!

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I think it's the same dog who barks and scares Hyacinth Bucket into the hedge!

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I like Doc Martin but really adore Martin Clunes in William and Mary.

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The only thing is......I made the mistake of wiki-ing Clunes and discovered he wasn't very nice to his first wife. :(

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