Happy Valentine's KAW...

trailrunnerbikerFebruary 14, 2013

I use my kefir grains to make a fresh pint of kefir each day. This AM I used the pint for a pretty Valentine's Strawberry Smoothie. Yum...tart and sweet both. And...yep...reheated some of the Shrove Tuesday buttermilk pancakes. Go ahead and make up the batter and cook them. Cool on a rack and place in a plastic bag in fridge. These are now 2 days old and they taste just as good as they did Tuesday...light and lovely. Reheat in the microwave till hot...I did two for 50 sec. Yum...no fuss no muss. Have a wonderful day with the one..or more that you love :) c

love my stick blender !

YUM !!

No one will know they are leftover unless you tell them :)

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Wow, wish you didn't live so far away!!!
Looks D-licious.
Happy Valentine's day too. P

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Looks amazing! I just posted in the cooking forum looking for advice on kefir grains as I want to starting making some.

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thank you prill..I still lament our not getting to meet 2 yrs ago...we will have to try again.

gw...I posted to your thread. Thank you !! c

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Oh, that looks so yummy!

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sis..it was :) Thank you ! c

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Mmmmm! I'm trying to get my dd with the tummy troubles to try making kefir as she has such a restricted, though healthy diet. Do (did) you order the grains live, online?

Caroline, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you about the Tradewind hood. I love it!!!!! I thank you so very much for the recommendation. When-oh-when will I post pics?? Since finishing the kitchen in late fall, there's been so much going on--still no pictures on the wall. Am off to empty the dw so I can put the baffles in--my first time. They are excellent at capturing the cooking oil.

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sj..it is SO good to hear from you !! Wow...I am glad you love your hood. I have given up trying to get others to go for it. Ah well...We know how wonderful it is. No grease anywhere except on the baffles and I am now 7 yrs using it.

I got the grains from a friend. That is the best way to get them . Ask around and some folks say to look on craigslist also your local health food store. I know folks get theirs on the internet but don't know about it. We sure do think it has helped our digestion so I hope your DD will give it a try. c

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I'm sure she will, tr; thanks for the advice. I did post on a thread in appliances yesterday and that person said he/she would be looking into Trade-wind. I wonder why people aren't willing to consider a different brand, one that has a good reputation and reviews?

Now I need to figure out how to post pictures. I've done it once or twice, but only in the link box. I'll have to learn how to get them in the message box and have bookmarked the directions. I despair of decorating the kitchen--still no pictures up on the walls in the k, lr,dr, fr and hall. Someday, someday....

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I use photobucket...all you do is click on the box below each picture ..it is the 3rd one down...the HTML...it cuts/pastes automatically...click on it and then come to the message and click again...the code will show up and when you "preview"you will see your pictures...can do as many as you want , I put a couple space bar taps between each pic. Easypeasy.

Don't fret about the lack of decorating..it will all come together :) c

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Thanks, tr. I'll try to get to it today. You've been most helpful!

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