What small kitchen appliances do you have?

tre3May 3, 2007

Reading a post about organizing the kitchen got me to thinking about my cusinart which got me thinking about kitchen gadgets with cords.

I've got:

coffee maker

coffee grinder (seldom used)

toaster oven (fairly new, toaster function already broken)

mini cuisinart

cuisinart (old, bowl broken, can't use until I spend about $100.00 to replace bowl!)

crock pot

kitchenaid mixer

hand held mixer

small juicer

2 cup coffeemaker (backup for when our main pot breaks..this happens pretty often)

countertop microwave

Things I'd like:

a completely functional toaster oven

new cuisinart bowl

a blender

All in all I don't feel like we have too many small appliances/corded gadgets. I noticed that we have a lot of "fixing" to do!

What do you have? DO you use it? What would you like?

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Have and use:

Out on the Counter and worthy of their position:
KitchenAid mixer--boy, do I love being able to walk away while the mixer runs.
Toaster (I originally wanted an under-cabine toaster oven, but chickened out at the price)

In the Cabinet and Used Often:
coffee grinder (DH gets gourmet w/ his beans)
Cuisinart food processor (I use it about once every two months; worth it to me)

In the cabinet and used seldom
10-cup coffee maker (we don't use it daily; DH uses the French press, bcs he's the only coffee drinker. But this is useful for when we have people for dinner; the French press only makes about 4 cups)

Crock-pot (the last few times I've used it, I had gastro-intestinal upset, so now I'm sort of scared of it. I wonder if it's the fact that this one has a plastic lid, so it doesn't keep the temps right? I notice the lid "floating" on the condensation that has dripped onto the rim; we never had this problem w/ the older one, which had a glass lid)

espresso machine (back when we had people over for dinner, we used it often; it was a wedding present. No, we haven't used it for several years--we don't have dinner parties, and we just serve regular coffee)

mini chopper (I used to use this a lot; now I use the hand chopper w/ the plunger top. Partly bcs the elec. one is out of sight and out of mind; partly bcs the elec. one only chops a little bit. i don't chop spices, so it wouldn't help for that. Now that I think of it, I haven't used it for years; I should toss it.)

immersion hand blender (I keep this bcs I don't have a regular blender, and it doesn't take up THAT much room; and I have space for it. If I ever want a smoothie, I'll need it (though I suppose I could use the Cuisinart; it's just that this is much easier to clean).)

Ice-cream maker (this is actually non-electric, but it takes up the same space. i used to use it a lot, but haven't lately. I keep it, though, just in case. And, I have the room in the kitchen. I feel guilty about keeping it, sometimes.)

ice shaver (this is DH's; he loves the shaved ices you can buy on the streets of NY in the summer, and a friend gave him this; we've used it now and then, but it gives my spine chills just *thinking* about that scraping sound. I'd be willing to toss, but DH wouldn't. It fits; I'm not crowded in my kitchen, so I can't in all honesty say he should toss it)

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I'll add one question to tre's post. What electric items have you purchased that you got rid of because they didn't work for you?

Electric skillet

This is what I remember is in my cabinets and on the counter:

coffee maker
Bosch mixer/blender combo (makes great bread)
vacuum sealer for jars
vacuum sealer for bags
4-slice toaster
Magic Bullet
mini cuisinart (don't use since I got Magic Bullet)
french fry slicer
showtime rotisserie
electric fondue pot
electric kettle
coffee grinder (used rarely; think I'll use for spices)
3 electric slicers (1 bit broken, 1 very old, 1 new in box)
2 (small) deep fryers (use both)
2 bread machines (1 old, 1 new)(used to use)
2 crock pots (just inherited one) (never use but should)
3 electric knives (never use but should)
3 woks (use 2 rarely, just inherited 3rd)
2 electric frying pans (1 old, 1 new)
2 milk shake makers (inherited one) (hardly ever use)

The items I haven't marked anything after are those that I do use and will continue to use.

The inherited items are from when DD moved back in. I think I'll put these in a box along with my duplicates for her in the future or other "needy" kids.

I know I keep my old items in case the replacement breaks. For those that are not that much money, it's time to pack up in the box.

What would I like?

Electric Rotato Express (peels potatoes, apples, even cucumbers). I am definitely going to buy this.
Cappuccino machine with all the bells and whistles (when I win the lottery)
large deep fryer instead of 2 small ones I now use
Water cooler with hot and cold (used to have one and miss it)

I hope I don't find more items when I go through the cabinets.

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Just went through my stuff and here's what I kept:

Sunbeam Mixmaster with orange juicer (need to replace cord)
Hand mixer
Coffeemaker (sits on counter and used daily)
Coffee mill for coffee beans
Coffee mill for spices (I make my own curry powder, etc.)
KitchenAid food processor
Crock pot
Tivoli PAL radio (sits on counter and used daily)

Small appliances I got rid of four years ago when we remodeled kitchen:

Electric skillet - was a gift but we used only once
Breadmaker - was a gift but I used it only once
Just noticed I can't find the French press coffee maker, so I must have ditched it then

I'm still reading the Alton Brown book at a leisurely pace and trying to figure out which pots and pans to keep and other small tools/appliances that might be helpful.


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- 4-slice toaster
- round electric skillet (never get a round one of these; if you must have one, get square)
- mini crockpot
- ultra-mini (scent) crockpot
- meat slicer--near-pro quality, looked like a mini version of a deli's slicer (bought it at a yard sale bcs it looked so neat, realized we weren't going to be slicing proscuitto!)

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I went into the small appliance cabinet and found 2 more coffee makers, an electric salad maker and a George Foreman copycat small grill.

I put some items into a box which will be put into the garage. I know I need to put more but my biggest "problem" are kitchen items. When I move again, part of me wants to leave everthing in the boxes and take out items as I use them, like it was suggested in the Alton Brown thread. But I have an obsession of getting everything put away immediately and out of the boxes. I'll have to think about that more.

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Often used:
toaster oven
magic bullet (replaces mini cuisinart that was used to death and motor died)
stick blender

Sometimes used:
kitchenaid mixer
blender (was used more before we got the magic bullet)
yogurt maker
2 waffle makers

Rarely used:
coffee maker
coffee grinder - used more for spices
3 crock pots (1 is used often, 2 more only used a few times a year)
food dehydrator
bread maker (I think we still have this somewhere!)
george forman grill type thing.

Got rid of:
deep fryer
sandwich maker - and I've missed it ever since.

Need to get rid of:
electric griddle - because I won't use it due to one, due to peeling teflon, but DH won't get rid of it until we get a new one, despite the fact I refuse to eat anything made on it. We did use it often before it started peeling.
the food dehydrator
the bread maker if it's still in the garage.

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Steamer Oven (to replace microwave for quick reheating?)
Why, you ask. Microwave apparently changes the food in some way, although for some reason there are no good studies. Arguably all foods get altered when cooking. But it's how the foods are heated by being bombarded rather than heated from the outside in, that seems to cause a marked change. Like with all more radically altered foods, whether genetically, irradiated, and or processed foods, I prefer to err on the side of caution, Putting altered stuff in my body makes me nervous. BUT, I hate using the oven and stove top to reheat, as they take time; you have to stir the food, and it costs more money, and, or, the food burns too easily, if not watched. Plus they don't turn on and off without more effort. In short, I want the ease of microwave cooking without the, admittedly, perceived danger of microwaving.

Kitchen Aid mixer. For more creative cooking.

Bread Maker IF it works on whole grain breads.

Have and use regularly, in order of most use.

Electric Kettle

Blender mostly for healthy fruit and yogurt drinks, yum.

4 Slice Toaster

Mixer for whipped cream

Food Processor for pestos mostly, yum.

Juicer for fresh juices on Sunday

Non electric stuff in order of use

French Press

Garlic press


Milkshake maker. I find the blender works well enough.


Here is a link that might be useful: Confusing info on Microwave cooking (biased but interesting)

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These are the ones I use constantly --

Kitchen Aid Mixer
Kitchen Aid food processor
coffee maker
crock pot

The occasionally used are -

bread maker (love it but use it most of the time for home made pizza!)
coffee grinder
yogurt maker

Never ever used --
Pasta machine (love homemade pasta -- have my own chickens so lots of eggs --but I hate the way this thing works!)

The one thing I want is another stick blender --lost one in a move 10 years ago and have never replaced it.


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I have only a few:


Stand mixer
Food processor
Immersion blender(s) - I have one for human food and another for preparing pet food.
Electric knife sharpener

In my pantry I have an electric grain mill, pea sheller, and dehydrator.

I also use a non-electric citrus juicer, ice crusher, pasta maker, and assorted home canning prep tools like a Squeezo-Strainer, cherry pitter, bean frencher, etc.

We don't drink coffee, but I keep a Chemex pot for guests.

I want one of those vacuum-sealer things that seals food in mason jars so I can cut down on plastic freezer bags.

I can't think of any appliance that I've gotten rid of, except perhaps my DH's pre-marital toaster which I replaced many years ago.


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Oops, I have an elecric skillet. Haven't used it in a while but at one time used it quite often. Time to ditch?
Also remebered that I owned a warming tray. Didn't use it that often but when I did it was great. It broke last Halloween. I'd like to replace it.
Previously owned several toasters...decided toaster oven was a better route. Not having much luck in either category! Got rid of a waffle iron and a yogurt maker a long time ago and sold my bread maker several years ago.

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Keep out ready to go:

coffee maker (used daily)
coffee grinder (used daily)
Cuisinart toaster oven/broiler (used more than my real ovens. preheats in a minute or two!)
Kitchen aid mixer (good intentions to bake more)

Keep in cupboard handy:

knife sharpener (need to use more often)
blender (hardly ever used)
crockpot (used monthly in cold weather)
immersion blender (forgot I had it)

In pantry or garage and used almost never:

microwave (much prefer the toaster oven for heating)
rice cooker
waffle iron
fancy Kitchen aid coffee grinder (broken, replaced and broken again - long story)

Got rid of toaster, other toaster, other coffee maker, other other coffee maker a while ago. Could part with some of the things I pretty much never use.

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On the counter for daily use:
Coffemaker (ditched the grinder, I hate the noise)
Small microwave

In the cabinets for occasional use:
waffle iron
hand mixer

That's it. I even just went and looked through my cabinets to see if I was just forgetting things. Nope. That's it.

I know some time in the past I have gotten rid of:
electric can opener and knife sharpener
electric wok
small food processor
salad spinner (non-electric)

We got rid of lots of double items like irons, toasters and coffeemakers when we got married. I thought I would like to get a dehydrator, but we don't get quality fruit up here that I would want to dry. I make jerky in the oven, so there really isn't a need.


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On the Counter:

Cordless Russell Hobbes electric kettle
Bose Radio
Electric Knife (I've been practising and can get those really thin slices finally LOL!!)

In the Cupboard (or Drawer) and Used:

Crock Pot (with glass lid!)
Rice Cooker

Rarely Used:

Hand Mixer and then the Cordless Mixer

Thats it! I would love a huge mixer or Cusinart -- but just NOT the sheer space for it! (and I believe if it takes up counter space then it should be used!)

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Forgot to mention the electric coffee perculator! Lives in the cupboard and is used every single day. And we buy already-ground coffee -- well actually DH buys the coffee at Costco and grinds the beans right there.

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On the counter and used daily:
Toaster (two-slice)
Coffee grinder
Coffee maker (12-cup)

In cabinet and used fairly often:
Large food processor
Hand mixer with attachments (chopper, blender, dough hook)

In cabinet and rarely used:
Crock pot
Small electric burner/warmer (bought for parties b/c we couldn't find a warming tray)

That's it. (We have a microwave that we use daily, but it's built in.)

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We may want to do an intervention with Marie. She's got stuff I never heard of. It makes my hot dog peeler, zuccinni squash cooker, and electric pastry shell crimper seem less impressive.

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Now Marge, do those things even exist? (hey, I'm gullible) If so, spill. The whole list. What else you got?

-celtic (who forgot the big and little food processers. When I need the big one, I really need it. The little guy, Oscar, I used *all* the time when it lived ready on the counter in my last house. Never now. Easier to mince a garlic by hand than to take it out.
Lesson: location, location, location)

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Molly wrote: "I want one of those vacuum-sealer things that seals food in mason jars so I can cut down on plastic freezer bags." I have this and it was one of my better buys. I now use the freezer mason jars for all of my freezing. I finally put into a box all my miscellaneous plastic containers and that's now in the laundry room and inching its way into the garage. The only plastic containers I now use is 1 set of the Smart Spin.

Marge, you're probably right in that I do have a problem with kitchen stuff. And to make it worse, my DD gave me a $500.00 gift certificate (more with the 20% off coupons) to Linens 'n Things. I haven't gone into the store yet but I've been trying to come up with a couple of expensive items instead of more small appliances. I really do want a Scooba even though DH thinks it's a crazy idea (but he'd never wash the floor for me).

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Out on the counter: (used often)
2-slice toaster
electric kettle

In cabinets: (used when necessary)
drip coffee maker

In basement: (never use)
electric fry pan
crock pot (this I should use)

In garage: (to be given away when I can find them)
40 cup coffee urn
waffle iron (probably from the 40's)

Already dumped: (hated these; not worth the bother of cleaning)
food processor
mini chopper

As you can see, I'm trying to simplify and keep only the things I use fairly often, since I expect to move in 10 years (?) and it's taking me a long time to declutter.

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On the counter:
Coffeemaker (used daily)
Can opener (attached under cabinet and I hate it)
Sunbeam Mixer with 2 bowls (This was my Mothers, very old, and needs to be serviced-isn't working, but I cannot part with it.)
Toaster (used frequently)
Blender (used infrequently)
Microwave (takes up a lot of space but I can't do without it)

On a shelving unit:
Bread Machine (haven't used in awhile)
Hand mixer with attachments (in its own container) used frequently)
Waffle Iron (haven't used in years)
Crock pot (small one-rarely used)
Slow cooker (this is sometimes called a crock pot but it actually has 5 different settings, and I use it frequently)
Knife Sharpener (rarely used)
Mini Cuisinart (used frequently)
Steamer (never used)

In a drawer:
Electric Knife (used at Thanksgiving)

In the basement:
2 coffee makers (still usable but I probably won't)
Meat slicer (can't recall if it has ever been used)
Coffee Urn (used a few times years ago)
Electric frying pan (used to use but ran out of storage space)
Blender (not used anymore-received a newer one as a gift)
Large crockpot (used to use a lot but never anymore)
Electric coffeepot (Farberware-never use anymore)

Already dumped:
Food processor (died)
Toaster oven (died)
Toaster (caught on fire)

What I want:
Kitchen aid mixer (if I can ever afford it)

Thanks tres3, for this thread! I can see I need to get rid of a lot of stuff that isn't used. I don't have the space for it anyway. Now if I can just get rid of the other stuff cluttering my counters, ie: paper towel holder, utensil crocks, Phone, Cannisters, Cookbooks, Cookie jar (collectable), etc. Good luck with your endeavor!!

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I'll post the list tomorrow, since I can't think off-hand.

Tre3, may I say something about the Cuisinart with the broken bowl? I had the same thing happen - except my bowl broke when it was still under warranty. My SIL had a Mixmaster, she broke the bowl and bent the beaters, she called to buy replacements and they sent them to her free of charge. I figure, I paid $250 for this food processor, they should take care of me. Well, their CS sucks, I would have had to send it back with a letter stating what was wrong and a check for the S&H and a whole bunch of other stuff (big PITA) so I never did it. It sat in my closet for years ($250, you know), I finally tossed it out. I bought a new food processor (Wolfgang Puck from HSN) for $90 that is 10 times better than the Cuisinart and has held up for 3 years (the Cuisinart lasted 9 months).

I guess what I'm saying is this: Is yours functional with the broken bowl (mine was not)? Did you love it so much and did it hold up well enough to justify replacing the bowl for $100 if you can buy a new one for less than or a bit more than that (I've seen Cuisinarts on sale for $150). Just MHO.

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My Cuisinart food processor is at least 20 years old (my sister gave me her old one). I had to replace the bowl once, but since then it has worked okay. I'm not sure I would buy another one, but it's handy to have when I'm making larger quantities.

DH bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer once as a present, but I decided to return it and get a better hand mixer instead because the KA seemed too bulky and inconvenient for the small amount of mixing I do.

I just remembered that I have another smaller Cuisinart food processor in a cupboard somewhere, unless I gave it away. Also a hand-me-down.

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In garage: (to be given away when I can find them)

LOL at plow_in! (I've been there--"I'll donate it, whenever I can find the time to dig it out of wherever it must be"--and boy do you know you don't need it, if you can't even find it to donate it!

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This is a neat thread -- I'm a gadget freak, but mostly the are hand-powered type. But electric...

On the counter and used daily:
Small microwave
Can opener that actually opens tall cans [I have arthritis and manual openers are a literal pain to use.]
DH's 2-cup coffee maker
2-slice toaster; why don't they make 3-slice toasters?
Small toaster oven which I *never* use but DH does -rarely-I keep trying to get it off the counter and that reminds him he wants to use it.

In a convenient cabinet and used at least weekly:
3 qt crockpot, the standard deep type. I'd love an oval shape that would be easier to use for lasagna or roasts.
Bread machine, the one that makes regular-shaped loaves. I wore out 2 and killed one before this darlin'.
Electric knife.
Heavy-duty handheld KitchenAid mixer. I killed seven and severely injured another 5 in between my original Sunbeam (which worked well for almost 30 years) and getting this one.
A mini-chopper. Location, location, location. Right now it's in a bad neighborhood-when it's on the counter it's used daily.
Waffle iron -- this should go into the seasonal storage.

In storage but used seasonally or often enough to be worth the space:
5 qt crockpot, another 3-qt would be more useful; 2-qt would be wonderful but are apparently non-existent.
1 qt crockpot, actually used fairly often but not enough to rate good storage space.
Immersible blender- it lives in a worse neighborhood than the minichopper.
Large KitchenAid food processor... if I had more counterspace, it would be out. Probably put it where that toaster oven is.
Deep fryer [some day it will go into the yard sale box]
Vittoria tomato saucer - I'd give up the food processor before I let go of this!
Deli-style meat slicer; it was great for meats and cheeses, but now the littluns have grown up, it should go to the yard sale.
A pot-stirrer. Naturally, after I got it, I discovered the crockpots are great for making jam and fruit butters without stirring.
Vacuum packer for freezer bags -- not really satisfactory. This is the only appliance that I'm totally sorry I bought.
Vacuum breadkeeper: a bad purchase because the seals quickly wore out. Not really worth the effort of fixing.
Electric frying pan. I used it daily when I had an electric stove, but now I've got a gas stove and this pan should be in the go-box.
Mini-frying pan, same as above.
Dehydrator. Yes, it's used.
Rice steamer. Takes 40 minutes; family can't tell the difference from 20-minute boiled rice, but this thing never burns the rice. I use it more when the microwave is dead - it's okay for re-heating vegs.

Blender, used it when I had it; don't miss it now it's gone.
Yoghurt maker, ditto above.

I have wanted for years and can't find: the machine that vacuum seals cans. Hmmm, maybe I should look into those mason jars...

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Since we are remodeling the kitchen and everything is in boxes, it turns out that except for a microwave and a coffee grinder and coffee maker, I actually don't use any other appliances.I don't even drink the coffee, so maybe I am down to 1 appliance. I guess that means I will need to throw out the diesel can opener, the wind generated barbeque chicken spit, and the scrambled egg cooker.

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Out on the counter and used often:

KitchenAid mixer
Toaster oven
Microwave (it's not that small, as I bought a convection microwave to use as a second oven)

In a kitchen cabinet and used infrequently but not *really* seldom:

Immersion blender
Slicing/chopping blades for KitchenAid (I use this in lieu of a food processor)
Hand mixer

Out of the kitchen, used seldom but I like to have them:

Coffee grinder
Coffee maker
Electric knife
Small deep fryer

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