Found some antique kitchen cabinets....

navi_jenMay 18, 2013

...and need help deciding if I should purchase them. I started a post in the kitchens section, not remembering the old house section of GW.

If you wouldn't mind gandering over to kitchens, I could certainly use the 'old house' expert advice.


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This forum isn't as busy as the kitchen forums. Maybe because we are all too busy throwing money at our old houses.

I went over to the kitchen forum, read your post and looked at one piece. I think it could be a very expensive risk. Until you get your design, you could be moving toward a non functional kitchen. Kitchens need to be more than pretty. They need to function.

My attitude is this: If those cabinets are meant to be in your kitchen, they will be there when the designer finishes the design. Not too many buyers at $6,500.

Did I miss the other photos? Sometimes my computer doesn't load everything.

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I saw the picture of one cabinet over there, so I don't think golddust missed anything...however, I would love them in my own kitchen.

A kitchen design can function with original cabinets very depends on what you want. If you need every single modern appliance to make coffee, tea, scramble your eggs and dice your veggies, then yolu better have a pantry to store all those gadgets. Personally, I don't need every gadget invented to cook a meal, so my kitchen works fine for me...and I have my original pantry into the bargain.

It is the designer's job to work with YOUR ideas, not to make theiir own dream kitchen. If you want the cabinets in there, tell them to make it happen. My kitchen had fluorescent lights and 70s cabinets when I moved in, and I built my own cabinets using the original doors I found in the garage using the pantry ones as a model. My kitchen now blends in with the rest of my 1908 home's original details. I did not have to move walls, doors or anything else when doing my own design...just had to do wainscot and some carpentry. So my fridge lives in the pantry, but it is only a couple extra steps and beats having it block the only window like it did when I moved in!

Having seen the only picture, it seems that $6500 might be a bit pricey, but only you can decide that.

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Thanks all...I have decided to pass on those poplar cabinets, at least for now. I did start a new thread about vintage stoves over there, if anyone is interested in chiming in :-)


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