Cedar Siding with Small Reveal

jburr827May 16, 2011

Hey Everyone,

My old house has cedar siding with a 2.5 to 3 inch reveal. When replacing areas of siding (we removed a couple windows etc), I am using pre-primed cedar siding and hand nailing before painting.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is there any other siding material besides vinyl that can be easily installed with a ~3 inch reveal? Is anyone out there doing this? I guess I am not opposed to vinyl, but I don't prefer it and as I am not interested in doing the whole house, I am worried different fade patterns will ultimately be a problem. I have looked at wood and smart-side etc, but I can't find any alternative except vinyl.

2. Is anone using a nail gun to install cedar clapboard siding that is only 3.5 inches wide (like what I am using)? I am not aware of a nail gun that carries the right nails (2.5-3 inch ringshank) for this application. They all seem to be geared towards cement or some other type of siding.

Thanks for the input. I would like to either continue using wood but speed it up a little or switch to a siding that will need less maintenance(even if it takes more time up front).


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IMO a 2" (8d) ring shank siding nail is adequate for narrow cedar siding. Hitachi makes 3 models of siding nailer. They use coil nails. The difference in the models is how powerful they are, The powerful gun is very heavy. We have the middle one at work, but it won't drive nails into oak studs. For everything else it's hunky-dory.
There is no other material than wood that would give you the same shadow line and trim details to match your existing work.
Final thought: you'll ultimately be happier with stainless steel nails. I can't tell you if they are available for the Hitachi nailers, but if they are they'll be double the $.

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