expired boxed food mixes

darlene87May 22, 2006

Last week I read on some site, please don't ask me which one, since I read a lot of health and related items. Some lady had posted that she made pancakes, with a mix she always uses. In about half hr. her son was wheezing, his lips turned blue. She knew it was shock, called the hosp. They said to bring the box mix along with syrup and juice in. It turned out they got the boy well, and she was given a paper on old mixes. There is a type of mold that grows on grains and flours, and her son was given a test, and that is what it was. So that is one good reason to toss out expired food with flours in them. I suppose one could do a search online for this and find more on it.


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This is a pretty old story, printed in Dear Abby in 2003. There was a medical journal article in 2001 about anaphylaxis (a very severe, potentially fatal allergic reaction) in an individual who ate some foul-tasting pancakes made from old moldy pancake mix.

The individual had a history of multiple allergies, including pets, mold, and penicillin.

The researchers called it an "unusual case," so let's not get too carried away here.

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Completely dry foodstuffs, like dry cake and pancake mixes, don't grow mold. So it would take more than the package being old to have that problem. And once moisture gets into ingredients that should be kept dry, the product doesn't have to be over-age to have a mold problem.

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My husband had an allergic reaction after putting some dried spices on pizza. I think it was the old oregano. It gave him a headache and tightness in his chest,trouble breathing.

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