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Kaiden22February 3, 2013

I am hoping some of you may have some design advice on my soon-to-be kitchen. We are building a new home (not custom, but the builder is very flexible with design changes) and I am trying to figure out a way to make the kitchen look and feel more spacious. It feels pretty cramped. The first thing I want to do is narrow the island or remove it completely, but the other problem is this "window" We are stuck with the support beams, but I was wondering if we could open it up to the ceiling rather than arching the drywall. Do you think this would look strange given that there are arches to both the left and right? The other thing I was considering in this area is the bar (or lack of). Behind the drywall sits a couple of lower cabinets with a dishwasher, sink and backsplash. The raised bar counter is only about 10" wide. I thought about dropping the bar and backsplash so that this entire counter is level and then extend the granite to make a rounded overhang that could be used as a true breakfast bar with stools. That way you could see most of the kitchen through this window area and vice versa looking out. I am also considering white or off white cabinets to open the space. I realize it's hard to go off of a picture, but I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Here is a picture of the rest of the kitchen.

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It's hard to help much without a floorplan view and dimensions, but I wonder if you open the 'window' down to the floor, have cabinets or cabinet panels face out under a bar that, like you suggested is counter height and extends into the room a bit....around the support posts.

Does that wall have to be angled? Again, a layout of the room and that whole floor will help you get more response.

Is there a header above that arch? Do you like the arches?

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Thanks for the feedback. I have attached a copy of the floorplan if it helps. I do love the idea of the cabinets facing out with a bar counter rather than having the drywall beneath. I think that would pull the kitchen into the family room more which is what I am hoping to do.

There is nothing we can do about the support beams (without a major structural change which would cost way more than we are willing to spend) so unfortunately that wall has to be angled. The arches are throughout the house and I actually like them, just not on this 'window' because it closes off the kitchen too much.

I hope this floor plan helps if anyone has design advice! They won't be breaking ground until next month so we have a little bit of time to figure out what we want to do - we're just hoping we can make the changes before rather than after to give us the most open kitchen for the layout.


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Can you draw the kitchen to scale (maybe on graph paper) so we can see it larger and in more detail, and have dimensions?

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