Do magnets stick to Liebherr refrigerators?

Stranger_In_The_AlpsFebruary 8, 2013

We are quite fond of our refrigerator magnet collection and are wondering if we'll have to relocate them once we get our new Liebherr 30" CD fridge.
My experience has been that magnets don't stick to stainless steel fridges, but there's an older 2008 thread that seems to indicate that the Liebherrs are magnetic. Is that true and is it still the case with newer models?

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They stick to mine but I have a 2008 model. :-)

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Magnets stick to my 2012 KA fridge. The appliance store guy said not all SS is the same.

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I bought my Liebherr in 2011. They stick to mine....but I only have it on the sides. I never tried them on the front.

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We've stuck magnets on our stainless vent hood with no problem (not Liebherr, but it's ss.) One thing to consider, which I didn't was...the magnets left scratches. Big ones.

So maybe magnets on the stainless fridge is not such a great idea.

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We installed our Leibherr last year (spring 2012). I just tried and yes, magnets stick to the front. We like ours magnet-free, but good to know for the future!

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I have quite a few magnets on the front of my fridge and they don't leave scratches. When I take them off to polish the front, sometimes there's a slight darkening where they sat, but it cleans off (easier than fingerprints).

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