almost done & sharing banquette pics

lawjediFebruary 12, 2013

Dh and I are on the "who knows when" plan for redoing the kitchen. Rather than putting up with a lot of things for several years, we've been puttering about, changing things as we go. If it is just a temporary change, I try to do it inexpensively as possible. If I can translate it to the new kitchen down the road, I'm willing to spend a bit more effort and money.

Anyway, one change that we've been working on since the end of December is a banquette and new table. Our dining space in the kitchen was not large enough to fit our table for 6.

We took down a half wall and rebuilt it, angling it 2 ft into our family room area. Then dh built a banquette - it's not a straight bench, but it's not quite a full "L" either - we decided to respect the french door we have and not build in front of it. ;-)

He still needs to make the drawer that will go under the long side of the banquette.

I made the upholstered cushions for the banquette. I got the foam online (much better quality than Joann's and MUCH less $$), glued it to luan, wrapped it in batting and used curtain material from ikea. The cushions are held in place with velcro. Jury is still out on that.

The table is one of those wide ikea numerar countertops. We cut it to size (63 x 39) and angled a few corners for ease of use and design. Dh also routed the edges. Then I stained and waterloxed it. It sits on 2 cast iron pedestals. (when we eventually redo the cabinets/counters, I might switch out the top for the counter surface)

Without further ado, here are a few pictures of the progress. We love it, the kids are fully enjoying it and my kitchen looks like it at least 2 times the size with the space saved by the banquette (plus the stealing of the square footage from the family room).

We also switched out and moved over the kitchen light - for the first time since we moved here, the light is centered over a table ;-)

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Thanks for sharing the "in process" pics! Love this cozy nook. It really looks like a wonderful place to have a cup of coffee, or a glass of Chardonnay!

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Very nice. A change like this makes a huge difference in how your kitchen will now function.
I like how it is near the french doors. I can see myself having a quiet cup of coffee or tea there.

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This is really clever use of space. Nice job! Thanks for posting the wip pics.

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Wow! That is a great solution! It looks great and solves a huge problem for you. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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Where did you find the pedestals for the table? I'd consider using something similar if I knew where to find them.

Give your DH a big hug, you both did a great job. : )

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laughable - the website name cracks me up - I guess it's practical though...

thanks for the kudos ---- and I have enjoyed many cups of coffee already - it is a perfect spot. -- although we live in a suburban subdivision, we back to the woods. One of our favorite morning coffee pastimes is watching the deer... the fox... or other bits of wildlife wander by. :-)

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What a good solution to provide seating, storage and access to such a pleasant view. Just having the light centered over the table must be so gratifying. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

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Can you please post some details such as seat height, back height, angle for seat back and seat depth. Thanks.

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Beautiful! Nice job that looks professionally done. Seems perfect for your purposes and looks comfy, too... And seats so many! Enjoy your coffee and views. :-)

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This turned out great -- love the efficiency of banquettes. DH and I were looking at these, and DH especially appreciated the step by step pictures (and asked me to save them) since he may have one of these building projects in the near future, thanks!

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So your Ikea Numerar butcherblock was solid inside? Did you buy the thicker or thinner kind, and how recently did you buy it? It looks awesome!

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I bought the countertop towards the end of dec.... and yes, it was solid. We actually used the part we cut off to make 3 cutting boards. Ended up being Christmas presents. ;-)

This is the one I bought : I'm pretty sure it was the beech one, but I can't find the paper now.

DH used google sketch up to draw out what I gave him in graph paper - I need to wait till he's home to see if I can find that info...

pretty much I used things like the drawings in this thread, , and also just measured our own chairs to see what was comfortable. As I said, we planned and planned and planned. And then when we actually started ripping the wall out and putting in the 2x4's etc, everything was a readjustment. Let's just say, dh and I realized we weren't always understanding one another as I tried to explain my vision to him. (but it all worked out in the end ;-P )

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Thank you for taking me through the whole process. This worked very well indeed. Congratulations.
I love imagining the kids on the banquette. I would have loved that as a child.

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WOW !! That is beautiful. The DIY talent on this forum is simply amazing. So many great ideas. I envy you all that can take hammer and nail and create your vision. Congratulations on a job very well done. c

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This looks great! I have a similar project I'm about to start. What are some of your measurements? Total height of banquette, seat width, back rest width at top and bottom,seat height, seat depth. What material did you use to finish it? Also did you router the table edge? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance....

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When I pulled this old thread up for a banquette question, I saw yours... I'm not sure if you still need this information but...

Banquette back is 41" high from the floor. Seat depth 18". Seat height 17.5" and then a 3" cushion. (back cushion was 1")... btw, the industrial velcro works beautifully. Back rest width - well, the back is incorporated into the half wall... wall portion is a straight 4 1/4 inch all the way down... angled back part - 2" at top and 6" at the bottom. The seat back height is 23" I think he just used 2x4's for the framing and then a plywood skin. Yes, table edges are routed. But we are considering redoing the finish (changing color a bit) and dh wants to fix what he considers his "mistakes" in a few spots. If we do all that, I'm having him get rid of the routed edge and just do an eased edge of sorts. That little crevice grabs all sorts of gunk that needs to be cleaned out fairly frequently.

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