I need shelves that have 1 end curved - help!

thinktoomuchMay 2, 2009

I have a long skinny new closet in my basement that will be for toys. It is 5 feet long and 32" wide with a door at one end. I need to hang shelves on the long wall and walk in. I know it is narrow, but I am hoping it will be ok for the kids to go in a get toys. Since the shelves will stick out into the walk way I want the end to be rounded. I am hoping we won't have to custom make rounded shelves. Does anyone know where I could find shelves with one rounded end?

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I don't know where to find pre-made rounded corners.

I have a storage closet under the stairs that is 37" wide and a few few deep plus it has a slanted ceiling. It sounds similar to what you have. I had a hard time deciding on how I wanted my shelves. I ended up leaving the shelf edges straight where you walk in the door. To minimize the impact of that, I installed them on the wall on the same side as the hinges of the door.

If you are afraid of the kids running into a shelf corner, you could run a 2x4 or appropriate size piece of lumber along the end of the shelves up from the floor to the top of the top shelf. It would eliminate the safety hazard and add a bit more stability.

The rounded shelves may be be prettier and easier for your needs. I'm still learning to use my saws so I went with what was the simplest for me.

Good luck!

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I wonder if you could get what you need w/ rectangular shelves that you cut the end off at an angle. Those might not be hard to find someone to make, if you yourself aren't comfortable cutting them w/ a saw of some kind.

(there is iron-on edge banding in white melamine, and every kind of wood, if you bought prefinished shelves and tried to cut the corners off; ;you can just use your home iron to iron the band to cover the raw edge). You might want to clamp thin plywood top and bottom to protect the cutting edge from chipping.)

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