brightonbornFebruary 3, 2013

I just started watching Downton on Netflix,saw all the first year assuming there are only 7 episodes. Now I try to find season 2 and there is nothing there..if you have Netflix can you tell me if they have season 2 or not? I will be be so upset if I cannot watch this series.

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I watched the second season on Amazon Prime.

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No, Netflix doesn't have Season 2. I was going to buy the DVDs on Amazon, but a friend offered to lend me hers. Maybe you can be similarly lucky.

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Have you tried your local library?
Mine has it on DVD (although there are 189 holds!).
This sounds like a very good reason to check out Amazon Prime. Maybe there's a 1-month trial period?

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I watched season 2 of Downton on Amazon Prime. There is a 1 month free trial.

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No, but my son found it through iTunes so my mother could watch it.

I am trying to find the second season of Homeland without having to pay for it. I am totally hooked on that series. It is fantastic. I also love Downton. They are so different. I've started watching Breaking Bad and also requested Shameless season 1 from the library.

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Well I just dumped Netflix and went to Hulu plus and now I can watch Season 2 of Downton Abbey....

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