Best Base Cabinets for Pots & Pans?

cwalenFebruary 12, 2013

What is the best base cabinet for pots and pan storage?

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All together now: DRAWERS! :-)

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1st Place: Agree w/ Angie: Drawers! Drawer dividers can be nice for this too....if you have a couple of these.

2nd place: Base (30"-36") with Butt, full height doors; roll out shelf on bottom ( for pots) and shelf on top (for frying pans). This is good if someone has a really tall stock pot that won't fit in a drawer.

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Another vote for drawers. I keep most of my pans and small pots in drawers and the lids in a separate spot with divider. I have a cooktop and my large pots/roasting pan/colander are under there in a base cabinet with no pull out. It's open enough that I didn't feel I needed the pull out. Drawers are awesome!!

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Fori is not pleased

Deep and wide ones, too.

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Drawers- I do not like rollouts at all. I try to encourage my clients to do lots and lots of drawers. They are the easiest to get in and out of.
Travis Alfrey
Pinehurst, NC

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Corner susans are excellent for taller pots.

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I've had both rollout shelf and drawers, and drawers win. My old c.1961 kitchen had lower cabinets with a rollout shelf on the bottom and a fixed half-shelf on top(kitchen came to us that way). I thought this was great until I switched to drawers in the remodel. What an improvement! I measured the largest stockpot and made the bottom drawer deep enough. All saucepans, stockpots, and skillets live in drawers under my cooktop, each with its own lid on top. My largest roasting pan is in the big, deep cab over the fridge, and my cookie sheets and commonly used baking/roasting pans are in a thin lower cab.

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