How to finish old porch floor

concretenprimrosesMay 4, 2009

I am eager to have my downstairs back porch finished since we are screening it in and bug season is upon us. Dh says we have to get all the painting on that side of the house done so we dont drip paint on the brand new screen. Ok So he also insists that we need to epoxy paint the old rough tongue and groove old floor. He did this on the upper screen (sleeping) porch and it is slippery as h*ll! We put a rug and slipfree pad down and its ok but I don't want this on our entry porch. I saw today on an hdtv program they used epoxy paint for garages. (I was horrified it was on a nice interior hardwood floor). But I was thinking that it shouldn't be slippery even when wet if its for a garage. Not sure what dh used upstairs. Any suggetions?



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There are texture additives which can be mixed into any paint to provide a nonslip surface, as well as epoxy paints that already have the nonslip stuff in them - Rustoleum's Epoxyshield Stone Finish is one I remember off the top of my head. At our previous house the garage floors were painted with an epoxy-based concrete paint with a granular substance that was a bit bigger and more regular in shape than sand in it and it stood up quite well to the abuse it received. I couldn't tell you the brand, though, since the PO did it and did not leave the can.

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Hi, you can use a regular porch floor paint, but it's still going to be slick. Add "skid-tex" to the paint or sprinkle on before it dries to take away the slip.

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Thanks. I think dh wants to add something to the paint. Wouldn't a sand texture take away from the charm of a wooden porch?

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There's no charm in a bad fall from a slick floor.

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We added the sand texture to our porch and it worked out fine. We didn't really notice the texture, but it was less slippery. You probably will still want some kind of treads on the stairs and a rug or two.

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Thanks for the reassurance about the textured paint. I guess I'll have to let him do it. The steps don't need treads, they were new last summer and made out of a composite called Correct Deck. They weren't slippery at all this past winter.

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