A first! I actually needed something I'd gotten rid of

joann23456April 21, 2010

I'm trying a new trellis idea in my garden this year, a square foot gardening idea to build trellis from electrical conduit and slip the whole thing over rebar that's been pounded into the ground. I had to buy two pieces of rebar today (87¢ each), and I thought about how I used to have some rebar pieces that I used to anchor Chloe's swing set.

My next thought was that of all the junk I keep because I "maybe, might" need it sometime, this is the first time I can actually remember needing something I'd gotten rid of.

Just another lesson for me that it's not worth keeping stuff "just in case."

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My father believed in keeping things "just in case." After he died, my brother had to rent a dumpster for all the cr@p he found in my dad's house. Just about anything you throw out can be replaced. Would you rather have the free space or the thousands of little things we think might be useful in a futuire universe? Good luck with your trellis.

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Ha! Then when you actually need something you have you can't find it. How many times has that happened?

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and at 87¢, wasn't it worth MORE than that to not have to store the stupid things?

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Oh, my, YES!

I did start a spreadsheet awhile ago that tells me where I've put the things I have and don't use very often. Jigsaw on the third floor, refill for the label maker in the office closet. Things like that. It's been a lot of help.

Still, I'd rather just get rid of most of it!

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The one thing I'm kind of regretting getting rid of now is my stash of old sewing patterns (some from the 1940s) and pieces of fabric. I'd kept that stuff for years without touching it, so I finally gave it all to Goodwill. Now I've been sewing again, and I wish I still had it, especially the patterns. Oh, well.

I can't think of anything else I've missed.

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my husband had run out of room for his scooter collection so we added onto the garage. He again ran out of space, so I suggested he get rid of 6 or 7 shelves of stuff we "might" need for our rental property. If you have 400 items on those shelves and end up using 5 items look how much wasted space you have. He did a pretty good clean up after that.

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For years, I had two wrought iron pot holders that you srew into a fence that hold large pots. Being a renter, I was reluctant to nail anything to my landlords fence.

Now that I have my own place, I got the right size pots, and over the period of a week, I sealed the pots, spray painted them black, then spray painted them a cool grackle blue-black finish and planted them with trailing jasmine and vinca, to hang on the fence and frame the gate.

And the pot holders are nowhere to be found! I'm afraid I may have purged them somewhere along the line.

Still, I don't regret ever getting rid of anything.

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