Interesting Find for Ventilated Shelving - Anyone Seen These?

eldemilaApril 2, 2011

Was at a local business today to buy some ventilated shelving, can't remember if they were Rubbermaid or Closetmaid, not that the brand really matters. I saw a box of these white plastic thingies and asked one of the owners what they were, what can I say, I'm curious.

He told me that they were a cover for the wire shelves. I'd never heard about them, or seen them and wondered if anyone else has used or heard about them. Thought these would be great for my Mom's pantry shelves. I can't stand placing something on the shelves and it hitting the wire in such a way it topples over, these would definitely solve the problem.

Wish I had heard about these years ago - I had ventilated shelves in my closets that, over time had gotten "gummy" and dirty. These would have been great to stick over those shelves.

I told my Mom about them and she's all for them, but first, I'd like to know if anyone has them, and second, I've got to measure the length of her shelves so they can be cut, if needed.

I was able to get a picture of them if anyone's interested in seeing them. No idea what they are actually called. I think there was two sizes in the way of depth, but the pieces this company had was in 4' sections. I was surprised that the big box stores didn't carry them, but maybe I'm the only person who thinks they are worthwhile in getting???


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I've seen something that you lay on the wire shelves.

You're not the only person who thinks they're handy, but the liners aren't always that widely sold.

some links:

Here's a round-up page ("wire shelf liner" was a good phrase to use in Google)

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I had those wire shelves in my previous office. Binder and book covers kept falling through/between the wires. I remember cutting up boxes to line them to give a solid foundation and wondering why no one had thought to manufacture an accessory to do the same thing. Guess someone did!

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I have them in my pantry to keep cans and bottles sturdy. I got some at the Container Store.

I have also had the big box store cut thin plexiglass into appropriately sized liners for pantry shelves where I have bins so I can slide them easily.

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DD had scrap beadboard left from a small project in her kitchen (she covered her island) and SIL made her some covers for some of her wire shelving. He did not have enough for all of them, just the ones where small items were stored.

Another good idea is to buy sheets of formica and cut to fit each shelf. You can buy a full sheet at Lowes for $42-$50. You could do an entire small size pantry with one sheet.


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