Another 'what style of house is this?'

kellybrianMay 25, 2011

My home was built in 1928 and I'm thinking english cottage-"ish". :) I wonder what it looked like pre-aluminum siding... Looking forward to learning a lot here. Thanks! Kelly

Here is a link that might be useful: house photo

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i have no idea.. but I love it!

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I would call it Cottage Revival or Romantic Revival.

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It's darling. Didja notice the car matches the shutters and trim? Was it intentional?

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This house grabbed my interest; When I see a design of this era, with a small gable over the entry and multiple main rooflines, an "interesting" shape, we usually are seeing an "english cottage" style; but here, I think the designer put in some cues that lead toward a "new england" cottage style. The elliptical recessed arch above the door, the silhouette of a saltbox roof at the fore, and a "house of seven gables" effect in the 3/4 view. Also, witness the cape cod style shingle siding and the lack of gable overhangs but classic trim elements.
I like this shape and its details.

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Thanks everyone. Yes, in my research (learning a lot the past few months) I picked up the cape cod elements as well. I looked at lots of kit home plans online but didn't this one. I'd like to play up an arts & crafts interior with warm colors and woodwork. A lot of the window sills have been painted white downstairs, but the "sunroom" (not sure of it's original name) has unpainted sills. Most of the first floor is painted white contrasting with the bedrooms which are in very bright colors. I'm hoping to get a vintage restored stove in the kitchen down the road as well... Lots to do!

The matching car is actually the next door neighbor's. Our driveway is on the other side. Closing in 3 weeks... Can't wait to move out of my mid 90's subdivision house (although I'll miss the big closets.)

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The front facing gable and arched opening make it one of the many variations of the American Tudor style with wood instead of masonry cladding.

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Very nice looking house with lots of appeal. I bet you will have fun with it and I can see why you are excited! Best advice we can give you is to wait a year to make any major, non-essential changes. You'll be surprise by what you learn about the house and the way you live in it. Please post some interior shots once you are happy home owners.

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In New England these are called "English colonial." Built in the romantic revival era, they are not craftsman in style, but they did come from the same companies that had previously sold A&C plans or kits in prior decades. Very cute.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I'm amused at all the different responses, because I've considered it having aspects of all the styles mentioned.

It's in a historic district, so I'm hoping the association might know something of it's history or have old photos. Will definitely post some interior photos when we are settled in.

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