Progress report please!

kittiemomApril 9, 2006

Does anyone have any progress to report for the weekend? Stephanie obviously did a great job with her cooking! I did pretty well yesterday, but not too great today. I packed several boxes yesterday & have everything that's going in storage so far stacked together so we can start carrying it out. I've nearly caught up with the mountain of laundry that had accumulated. Any else?

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Well, I took a trash bag to the basement and filled it with junk for the pickup tomorrow. There's still a lot there, of course, but now that I've cleared out almost all the old toys, there's actually a walkway and I can reach the flowerpots and other assorted detritus. I can see that what's left breaks down into several "categories" (e.g., items for the semi-annual hazardous waste collection next week). Also carried out 9 blue bags of glass and plastic for recycling. The paper products go Tuesday. Little by little...


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I borrowed my MIL's carpet cleaner and cleaned all our carpets! They look so nice right now and smell good, too!

Last week I spiffed up our wood floors - kitchen, breakfast nook, and foyer.

My mission these days is to get my house put together as though we were going to sell it. We're not, but I'm pretending we are just to get myself motivated.

We bought a bank-owned home over 3 years ago and there are still many repairs that need to be made, like the hole in our powder bath ceiling! (And yet NO ONE sees this hole. I guess no one looks UP!!!) The exterior also needs painting, as well as a few other things.

It will get done!


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Well... I was gone all day Saturday but watched the movie "Secondhand Lions" with my 15 year old son on Saturday night. We liked it so we watched it twice.

Sunday afternoon I got outside and cleaned out more flowerbeds to get ready for spring.

That's about it for me. No wonder my house looks messy this morning! LOL

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DD's birthday was over the weekend and we had guests so I cleaned like a maniac, got laundry almost finished, installed 2 more rolling baskets in kitchen cabinets, one more shelf in cabinets. Gotta keep it clean, guests again next weekend.

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I sewed for part of the weekend.
I also cleaned the silverware drawer and threw out the junk that accumulates there. Also the cupboard under the kitchen sink.. Had mouse doo doo in both. YUCK!
I had a great weekend and feel that I accomplished something!
Karen L

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I took Friday off work, and cleaned like a madwoman for my open house on Saturday. I even cleaned out a corner of the living room that hasn't been cleaned in *ages*. All of 4 people showed up on Saturday, so I felt like I wasted that day, and after the hours were done, I spent all Saturday evening putting products away again. But my living room and dining room both look lovely and clean now... :-)

I got a few loads of laundry "sort of" done - the towel load is folded, and the second load is hung/folded, but the folded things are just sitting out. The third load I pulled out of the dryer this morning before work, and didn't have time to fold or hang, so it's just sitting in a pile in my office (my closet is in the office). I'll hang all that up tonight.

I spent most of yesterday morning cleaning and picking up from Saturday...and yesterday afternoon I ran errands and dealt with a large order that came in for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Then I had about 1/2 hour to sit and rest before picking my DH up at the airport around 9:30pm. Came home, bagged some brochures to put out while finishing laundry, and headed to bed.

Hopefully next weekend will be more productive - nothing scheduled, so I guess it has to be! I'll spend tonight finishing the errands and such that I didn't get done yesterday.

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Not much else happened this weekend after the cooking, I lost steam. But I never get much accomplished when DH is home, it throws me off. Today I'm working on laundry. It's nice and quiet again, kids went back to school today. Last week taught me a good lesson, though. I need to make a plan for summer. Get organized, back into cleaning routines. I don't want the summer to be full of chaos.

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Since we are so entrenched with the Flylady system, there aren't really weekend housework jobs to do. We are still in winter, so working in the yard is a month off.

Not for the weekend, but during the week I did some emotional organization.

I talked with my brother. We really haven't talked much is several years. No bad feelings, just a SIL who always was kind of in the way. Our mom is 88 and having issues with memory, etc. and we really need to do some planning. He promised to make sure we got a power of attorney for finanical issues and a medical power of attorney signed so if we need to make decisions that way, we can. Also, discussed who will pay what. He's broke, I'm not, so he is doing to footwork (I live 4,000 miles away) and makes sure she takes her medication daily, does her laundry, dr. appointments, etc.

Another call was to a cousin who is really interested in all of the family history. We've agreed to meet at my mom's next fall and start the documentation. I have many family items and we want to put together scrapbooks for each branch. Like a page would have a picture of my great-grandmother's quilt she made around 1870 with pictures of her as a young and older woman, and who has the item. That way if things end up getting passed down to someone who really isn't interested, we can make sure it goes to a family member who is. We don't want to be saying, now where is....?

Just a bunch of talking, but a big relief.


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