Beautiful kitchens and closets...look at these

trailrunnerbikerApril 4, 2006 These are really nice examples of closets.

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Very pretty. But after designing our own closets and helping my friend, I really think much of the "bling" factor here is overkill. A simple box of a small room can be used very effectively for very little expense when you only need to organize items you truly love and need.


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they're gorgeous, but only one of them would help me plan my own closets, I think, bcs I simply don't have that much space. I have a regular clothes closet--not a room-wide closet or a separate room (some of those are bigger than some bedrooms!)

And of course, they "prop" them when they take the picture, so a real closet would look much more cluttered, simply because there would be more stuff.

I liked the "wall of cabinets" one that's in the actual bedroom--that's sort of the effect I'd like to get in my bedroom, only w/ books & records & software & office supplies, not clothes.

And I liked the idea of setting the kid's desk into the shelving, AND into the closet. Do you think those folding doors only cover the closet part?

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I am a total bling girl... I love beautiful closets... I feel better getting dressed and keep my clothes nicer when I have a really nice place to put them.

I have not had such a closet in a very long time but am approaching it as we speak... The drywall guys should finish this week and I am ready to put in the new closet units. The area is off of our master math and it's bonus space that came about when we bumped up the gables on the front of the house. The space is 8x12 so it's going to seem like a dream some true when it's done!!


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For me, it's the wood cabinetry that makes them look beautiful!

And I'm laughing.. Maddiemom, I think your new closet is bigger than two of our three bedrooms!

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maddie and julie I too like the bling and wood. I printed several pictures. My cabinet man said he could copy them very easily. I too will have 8x10ft. My DH and I will share. I am really looking forward to a bench to sit on and also a place to organize all my running more searchng in the dark at 4:30 AM !

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