maddiemom6April 29, 2005

I have been taking some time to make kits... you know grouping like project things together in a container so they are easy to find and easy to put away. Today I did two things with some of the tools I have been using while working in the bathroom. I put together a plumbing kit! In a large plastic lidded box ( like those triple sized shoe boxes) I put all the things I need when I am doing a plumbing project. Now this might not work for some but we have multiple of many tools so I am able to build multiple kits with the extras.

In the plumbing kit I put the pipe cutters, PVC glue/solvent, 2 adjustable wrenches, pipe compound, teflon tape, emergency repair tape and compression fittings to hold us until I can get to the store and the like. I also made a box for the plumbing bits that happen.. washers, odd connections,PVC parts, toilet bolts short sections of pipe and the like.

I did the same to tile tools and for the Mapp and butane torches. This way all I have to do is grab the box that best deals with the project I am working on!

I think this idea works for many things and can be applied from the garage to the laundryroom.


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What a wonderful timesaver. You will thank yourself a thousand times for taking a few minutes to organize your tools and gadgets and supplies in this manner. Can you come over to my house and "kit-it" for us?

We aren't this organized, but my husband recently put together a small tool box for all electrical/electronic tools and gadgets. The tool box has a clear lidded compartment on the top of the toolbox, so you can see the little items inside this compartment, like electrical tape, electrician's scissors, screws, wire, etc. The inside of the tool box has a tray divider. This is a good storage solution. Plus, when I need to trim the stems of my silk flowers, I know where to find his heavy duty scissors that cut wire.

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If I had ONE more closet, I'd do that.

I did put together a bill-paying kit. I don't like the container after all (I can't stand the envelopes up on their sides; it's about 1/4 inch too short), but it's OK.

and the big thing is, I have everything there.

For YEARS I had to go to the other room to get the stamps, address labels, an extra blank envelope, etc.

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