Buying an original 1910 Craftsman duplex.

golddustMay 18, 2013

This is our old age plan. For now, they will be rentals. The tenant that moved out lived there for 24 years. The tenant in front wants to move to the back

As much as the vintage stoves sold me, I am concerned about them being in a rental where pilot lights have been outlawed ( carbon dioxide).

Would you pick up two new gas stoves or let the stoves remain?

Thank you!

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I just googled "retrofitting vintage gas stove" and apparently there are kits that can bring these stoves up to code. The one in the picture is beautiful and my old reservation would be to leave one in a rental where they might not be respected.

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Thanks for your reply. I have a few reservations with the exception of the neighborhood and who the apt seems to attract. People who like a quiet neighborhood filled with this era homes. Not sure what I would do with them for the next six years when we plan to move there.

Both units have a Larder and original Skelton keys. We are fortunate that it has had such wonderful care it's whole life. Just what we were looking for.

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Golddust, that stove is breathtaking! I have an old (1950) GE electric stove in one of my duplex properties. I have a great tenant in there, but I hope to one day bring it home to my house (which is a Craftsman bungalow from 1924). However, the stove fits the kitchen so nicely that perhaps I will just keep it where it is. I unfortunately do not feel it is my place to weigh in on your decision, other than to agree that safety is crucial. If you can update the stove, perhaps do so and leave it where it is? For what it is worth, I have many duplex rentals in the old part of town where I live. They are adorable, and I maintain them well. I am one of those people who just loves to buy old, neglected property, fix it up, and rent it out, hopefully at the top of the market. I wish you the best of luck.

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Thanks. We love the stoves too. We had the local gas company check them out and they were deemed safe. I will replace the shakers with reproductions and leave the stoves there.

Today we get the appraisal report. Crossing my fingers the property comes in where we need it to. It's California ($$$) and this duplex costs more than my 4500 sq ft Craftsman did when we purchased it years ago

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