Need Suggestions for Master Closet Layout

jessiegrayApril 23, 2012

We're downsizing from 2 6'x6' closets, into one closet that's 7'x10' and trying to figure out the best layout to maximize storage potential of the closet. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the layout of closet, the stairs cut into the back corner and we've yet to come up with a design solution to work around it. Ceilings are 9' high, sorry if the 3d rendering is hard to figure out it was just designed in a small home building program to help us visualize the space.

This is what we've come up with, Drawers and shelves in the left corner, shoe shelves against the very back wall.

Opposite side of closet would just be rods. Again any suggestions would be great.

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It makes perfect sense to me. What program did you use? I'd love to have one like that. It's awesome. My first thought is if there's anyway you can use the upper half of the area cutout because of the stairs it could possible add room to hand tops or other shorter items. That's assuming you don't have this all framed in already and wouldn't have to tear out walls to do it. Although looking again at your first drawing you may already be as far over as you can be. If so there's not allot you can do but use the walls for hooks to store belts, scarves, jewelry and such. About the only other thought I have is it to bump it out as low as you can for a shelf to store bulky things like luggage that you don't need to be handy every day. That could possibly still allow you plenty of head room going up and down the stairs.

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Great ideas thanks, The program is better homes and gardens designer suite 8.0, it's very old ... I actually used it 4 yrs ago to build our first house, so it's outdated but still useful. It saves alot of headache by being able to give my builder and designer a visual instead of just trying to explain it :)

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You're welcome. I hope they help you gain more useful space. I'm obsessive about using all possible storage space available whenever possible.
I've heard of that program. I'll have to see if they have an updated version. Thank you.

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