What to do with the brick?

rice17May 5, 2012

We recently removed a chimney from our 1910 home and are not sure what to do with all the brick. A lot of the brick came out clean and some still has mortar on it, but seems to come off easily. Do you think we could sell it?

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Good god, why don't you use it for a sidewalk, patio or flower bed edging? Got money to burn?
I have edged my flower beds with old paving brick from sidewalk and street repairs where the city was just going to dump it!

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Yeah, stack it up in the garage until you decide how you want to use it. Or sell it on Craig's List, or sell it to an old house salvage company. I would pay good money for red bricks from the early 20th Century.

Um, you're not in Western New York by any chance?

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Vjrnts, actually we are in WNY - Cheektowaga.

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Thank you for your email and the offer; I've been trying to figure out how to get bricks from Cheektowaga to Rochester, and then what to do with them once they're here, and I have to admit defeat. I'm sorry; I'd LOVE to have them, but I have no place to put them before I find a use for them.

But (and this is easy for me to say, isn't it) please don't send them to the landfill. I'll bet you can find someone who will want them; an architectural salvage store if no one else.

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Hey, I'm in WNY too! If Craigslist doesn't work out or is too inconvenient, give ReUse a call. They will pick them up for you and it will be a tax write off.


How much do you want for them, anyway? :)

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I've edged all my flower gardens with bricks that we have found on our property and it really looks nice. I wish I had enough to make a garden bench. We may lay the few remaining bricks in our soon-to-be-poured patio.

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