Wall Hung Jewelry Box--Domestications

breenthumbApril 21, 2007

An earlier post asked about ways to store jewelry and I described one that a friend made for me that hangs on the bedroom wall, looks nice and takes no storage space. I recently saw one almost identical in the new Domestications catalog if anyone is interested.

Would probably be on their website. Sandy

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It is beautiful. I keep my jewelry in a random drawer because I think if someone broke in here they would see a jewelry box and just take it. Would they take this?

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They're beautiful. Giving me the start of an idea for something else small, numerous and a bit awkward that I need to find a solution for.

I once fell in love with a beautiful handcrafted jewelry box but decided not to get it because it seemed like it would be such a sitting duck right on top of my dresser. Sad that we have to factor such things into our decisions.

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I have a collection of rhinestone pins . I am going to buy a picture frame, cover the center with black velvet, attach the pins and hang it. I have been haunting garage sales looking for a nice big frame.

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