one maintenance, one 'forward movement'

talley_sue_nycApril 15, 2005

Each day, for as long as I can keep it up, I'm going to try to do one big organizing/decluttering type thing that's really maintenance--taking care of something that's an existing mess, for which there *is* a system, I'm just not doing it.

clearing out a pile, paying bills. That sort of stuff. Boring, but necessary.

And one that's "forward movement"--that *creates* a solution that doesn't exist already.

Moving the cough-syrup-type stuff to the kitchen, installing the new bookcase. More interesting.

They won't always be big--maybe it'll just be finally rigging an easy-to-use flap to cover the too-bright LCD display on my alarm clock (what is WITH that, anyway?)

This weekend, we have a wedding all day Sat., so I'm not sure what I'll be able to tackle.

But on Sunday, I'll:

1) clear out the mess by the piano on both left and right

2) assemble the new book cabinet and put the books in it.

Wanna join me?

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Sounds good Talley.. I have so much I want to do... got lots done but husband is coming back early ( work ordered him back for the work he was at... go figure).. so I need to break things into smaller chunks.

Now I just have to figure out what small thing to take on is the midst of all this mess!


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On Wednesday of next week, a woman is coming to install a computer and all the medical goodies to go with it for a diabetes study that I'm particpating in. Since we've downsized our living quarters, we don't have much space. The only place to put the new computer is where I had an antique library table, loaded! I am not getting rid of the table!!! when we downsized, our bedroom only had room for the bed and night stands. There is a room across the hall that used to be a small bedroom, where we have book shelves, dressers, husband's gun collection, locked up,file cabinets and an rowing machine.

I'm not sure how I did it but I rearranged things and managed to put the table in that room and it's loaded again.
I now have room for the new computer but I really have to do some weeding out in the dressing room.

I'm quite proud of myself, cause I did the majority of the moving stuff muself. I had a heart stint put in in January and I'm recovering from pneumonia right now. I haven't lifted a finger in all winter and it felt good to accomplish something physical.

Bye the way, I just want you all to know how much I love this forum. You have kept my sanity, all thru the downsizing, even if I didn't post. The intelligence of this group of people and innovate ideas is a blessing. Thank you for being.


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Tally Sue, the cheapie cut-to-fit clings which turn regular glasses into sunglasses work great for the LCD thing! One pack makes two covers, lol. Just cut one side and stickit on. VV easy to remove but you can still read the numbers ththough it, they are just dimmer. You can get the same stuff in sheets. In fact, a place which does car window tinting might even let you have a scrap for free of their dark stuff!

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skatiero, I have never see those cut-to-fit clings for sunglasses! That sounds really cool.

I did have a scrap of the car-window tinting (a baby-proofing sort of thing), but I may have tossed them. I'll have to look in the trunk.

I was hoping for total blackout--we finally got blackout liners for the curtains, and while some light leaks around the edges (bcs I haven't put the long magnetic strips up), it's SUCH a relief. Even the light on the air purifier was too bright. But I'll try for something like that.

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The "forward" will be, sorting through at least one box of kids' books & putting them in the shelf (or in the giveaway box).

The "standing still" will be: folding laundry--as much as I can get to.

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OK, I did insurance forms (maintenance) AND bought & installed a suction-cup basket in the kids' shower and a clock in the big bathroom (that was yesterday's).

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The ever there pile of Mt. Laundry is my daily task to keep up with with. My Forward is cleaning out one shelf of the Freezer at a time, or kitchen cabinet if it's too early in the week to put food in the trash ( we get raccoons if you put stuff out too early)


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Maddie, my DH washes the laundry, but I fold it. And I tell you, it seems like that's all I ever do. He likes to point out that he does the bulk of the work, but I'm not so sure--he can walk away while it swooshes.

I get home at 7:30. Right away is dinner & the kids & bedtime. At 9, I have 2 hours. I feel like all I do is fold clothes sometimes!

Did the clock in the girl's dressing room this morning--it looks nice. And hopefully it'll help her.

The clock in the bathroom did--she was done in NO time. It was worth the $20 even if it only lasts one day.

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Talley... folding is SOOOO much more work than the washing.. you get the prize in my book!.. Folding is also my downfall.. but I new do what I call speed-folding.. I line up a basket for each person plus one for towels.. then I just trhow stuff in each basket and get the kids to come get them and "fold" them into their drawers.. now this is really a laugh if you had ever seen my kids drawers.. but since they don't keep them folded there I figure why should I be doing all the work on the front end!!


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LOL, Maddiemom! my kids keep it pretty neat in there. but back when DH was dressing the baby, I SWEAR to you, honest, I SAW him, he would stick his hand in there and STIR! And then complain he could never find matching halves of an outfit.

Well, I made it through ALL the clothes--DH said, " Only do one," bu tit's nice to have them all done.

Tonight I have to do bills, paperwork, etc. That's the "maintenance." I haven't decided about the "forward movement" yet.

I did a bunch in one day, Thursday.

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Well I did a BIG forward today.. I should say we.. the DH and I put in the plumbing for the new shower!.. that is a HUGE step in getting the bathroom done. I can start tiling tomorrow. I think I will work on my office tonight.. there could be a dead body in here and no one would be the wiser :)

Maddiemom, pondering on the last time she saw the cat ;-)

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they'd smell that dead body eventually, wouldn't they? that why you're cleaning it?

Sunday maintenance: bills paid
Sunday forward-movement: emptied all the kids' books into the new cabinet, AND THREW OUT THE PLASTIC CRATES THEY WERE IN!!

I'm so glad--once upon a time, I liked those crates. No more. No more crates. They get really grungy and are hard to clean.

The best thing is, my DH wanted to keep the milk-company crate (which I salvaged from the garbage years ago) to use as a stepstool for getting books from the highest shelves. I persuaded him that he could use the FOLDING stepstool in the hallway, because it doesn't use any space when not in use. HE AGREED! YAY YAY YAY YAY!

Tonight, I think I might drop one of the shelves in the kitchen cabinets.

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Thanks for the idea to put a "cling" over the bright LCD light on the alarm clock. I've been using a folded to the right size, bandana. Kind of a hassle, it falls off, when making the bed.

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I like this concept!

I'm going to change it up a little to fit me:

One maintenance job (like doing dishes)
One forward movement (a household task I've been avoiding, even if it's only cleaning out a drawer).


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