place to put camera cables and ipod chargers

lisalisa2009April 22, 2009

hi there!

any ideas where to put all those computer cables (USB)camera cables and ipod charger cables.

i want them to be easily accessed in the computer area.

i have a small hook, but they keep ending up on the floor.

thanks, any ideas would be appreciated :)

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Whatever you decide on, be sure that you have some labeling system. I tell myself that it's obvious and I will remember but I'm just fooling myself when I don't ID cables.

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For all the cables and chargers I don't need often (daily or every other day), I've placed in individual ziploc bags with labels so I can identify what I need easily and quickly--and they're not tangled. For the ones we need often (i.e. phone chargers), there are only a few and I kept them in a drawer but they still got tangled. Just recently we got a charger organizer/valet that works perfectly. The cords are hidden and only the connecting part is visible and it's very easy for dh and me to connect our phones and blue tooths.

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thanks for the tips. i will force myself to label the cables. :) It's amazing how may wires i have accumulated. everytime i buy something it comes with wires. some of them i have no idea what they are for. i have been tempted to toss them.

i wish i had drawers im my computer desk, but i dont.

i will google the charger organizer/valet. thanks!

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I have a 3-drawer unit in which the top drawer is missing for some reason. We stuff them in there. Most of the time, we don't need to pull it out, we can just reach in/ The rest of the time, we can pull it out easily.

I got out the P-touch and labeled all the charge/USB cords the other day.

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I have a little basket with a lid--in it I put the ipod, camera and associated cables. It sits on top of the computer. Used the keep the stuff in a drawer and it was a big mess. I cannot get the cables mixed up.

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I have a black stackable in/out tray (actually, three trays stacked together) sitting on the corner of my desk. I've run the cables up, and with a black twist tie, tied the cable to the tray at the edge of the tray. Then I sit the camera/camcorder/whatever on the tray when it's charging. The cable stays put because it's tied to the tray.

Does my description make sense?

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I agree if/when the cable is specific to an item, that it's good to label it. But often, USB or mini USBs are interchangeable & you only need access to one of each & can stow the others you acquire. I bought a cheapie, plastic tool box from Walmart & stow my USB as well as other chargers (IE for use in the car) in that. I like that b/c if I want to grab cables to take with me in the car, I just pick up the toolbox & put it in the car.

To wrap the cables, I use Get-A-Grips. I've probably purchased 30 cards of these over the years b/c pretty much every cable in my house has one on it. Even if it's something you keep plugged in all the time, the velcro straps keep the excess length from getting tangled up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Get A Grips

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I have a perfect solution for this. I mounted a power strip on the back of my computer desk. I attached adhesive wire organizers (round clips w/ a sticky side) to the back of the desk right at the top. Then I take my camcorder charger, plug it into the power strip, clip the wire in the holder and let the end that plugs into the camcorder stick out the top. (The wires slide through the clips but the end that plugs into the device is usually too big to go through). I end up with all of the charger plugs visible and sticking up at desk height.

When I want to charge my something, I view all the plugs sticking up from the back of my desk and grab the one I need (the power strip is close enough to the clips to allow for slack in the wires). All wires are hidden behind the desk but they are all readily accessible when I need one. It takes no desk space unless I'm actively charging something.

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