A HOUSE Without Crap! (photos)

alisandeApril 6, 2007

Tradewind's very nice comment on my other "crap" thread from several years ago inspired me to post current pictures of various parts of my house. Some of you may remember the state my house and I were in when I began. I've come a long way since then, and while things are hardly perfect, they're vastly better. I acquired a lot of feelings of empowerment in the process. I'm forever grateful to those on this forum who listened to me when I was feeling overwhelmed and encouraged my baby steps...hundreds of baby steps.

The pix are a fair example of how things look because I didn't do any decluttering before I took them. I was simply trying out a setting (called Party, I believe) on my new camera; I didn't realize I'd eventually put the pix on my Flickr page, etc. But here they are.

Since the the living room picture was taken, I've removed the round mirrors from over the mantle, and sent the lamp in the lower right-hand corner to the Salvation Army. (It was awaiting transport on that sideboard.) And I don't remember what those trophies and other stuff were doing on the coffee table, but they've gone elsewhere. The dog blanket is still on the sofa. It's always on the sofa. :-)

The kitchen was new in 2003. Since this photo was taken I got rid of the big ugly green trash can and acquired a wooden trash bin that (suprise!) matches the hutch in the dining area picture. The kitchen is a bit more crowded with things than it used to be because my son and D-I-L are living with me temporarily. Wonderful for me; probably less wonderful for them. :-)

And here's the dining area. The hutch, lamp, and window scarf are new since the original picture was taken.

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Very nice. Congratulations on getting your house organized and decorated.

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It must feel so good. Your home looks so comfortable.

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Beautiful,I love your kitchen. It looks homey and very organized.

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Thanks, everyone. Reading over my post, it sounds like one big brag. That's not what I intended. Organization vs. my tendency to create clutter is still a constant struggle, and moving another couple's stuff into the house hasn't helped. Neither does what I believe Talley Sue calls infrastructure: This house has two tiny closets and thats IT. But I have an awareness of the problem now, and a determination to keep at it, mostly, I think, because clutter is stressful and lack of it feels so good.

I still cart stuff off to the Salvation Army almost every week, and getting rid of clothes is still painful. And I haven't even begun tackling our barn yet. More baby steps... :-)


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Alisande you deserve a huge pat on the back. There is no shame in giving one to yourself! Baby steps is right. I appreciate seeing the success. It gives me encouragement. I also think it is important for all of us to remember that this is an ONGOING process. Maybe it gets easier but it never really ends...maybe just becomes second nature? You'll get to that barn. Imagine how great that's going to feel!!! Baby steps, baby steps....

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It does not sound like a brag!!! It sounds like sharing. It must feel so nice to feel like you are "home" in your home.


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that's great--What a welcoming home, and I know you feel much more in control of it. I can sense it in your posts.

I'm tickled to see update photos!

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Your living room looks like it should be in a magazine! Is that a loveseat facing the fireplace, and do you have a tv in there also? Makes me want to curl up on the sofa for the evening.

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Yes, that's a loveseat. It matches the sofa. The coffee table is a plain antique wooden bench. The plan is to have a TV in an armoire to the right of the loveseat. Meanwhile, the TV hasn't been turned on in about seven years. I hope it still works. :-)

Thanks again, all!

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Love your home!!!

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