Grinder vs. Food Processor

chickadee__3aSeptember 13, 2013

I have an excess of cucumbers with which I want to make relish. All the recipes I've come across call for using a food grinder. I don't have one so am wondering if "grinding" everything in a food processor would be O.K.
Thanks for any help.

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It can be tricky to get a grind in a food processor, rather than a puree. If you're really adept at using your processor you might be able to use it. If you're not making a huge amount, I think I'd prefer to finely chop the cukes by hand.

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chickadee, I've had some problems grinding vegetables. I either get the puree that donna mentioned above, or I get inconsistent sizes, not the uniform pieces I want.

I've found that if I use the shredding blade instead it works nicely for sweet relish and is faster than hand chopping, as I do relatively large amounts at a time.


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I've had luck with getting it chopped by hand into small one inch even-ish chunks, then pulse a few times in small batches in the food processor. It needs a bit of your liquid.
I remove with a slotted spoon and reuse the liquid, over and over.
All food processors are different though. Mine is an old beasty.

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