How to cut through selkirk liner

valzone5May 13, 2011

I have removed the wood stove from the living room in my home, and will not be putting another stove in there. The selkirk chimney is still in place, coming through the wall ... I have my hands full with renovations projects right now, and don't want to add having the brick exerior repaired to the list of things to do right at the moment. I would, however, like to cut the stove pipe off inside of the wall, and seal it up / repair the wall indoors. How exactly does one go about cutting through a selkirk chimney?

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Not had experience with it, but their site looks like it's all metal pipe w/wo insulation...I'd say a reciprocating saw would work to cut through it. A hacksaw might not be deep or long enough, but you could try it.

Hope that helps.

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