Scented Drawer liner

waymomApril 24, 2006

Has anyone used scented drawer liners for their undergarments, socks, etc. If so, does the smell last for a long time? Are they worth the extra money? Please share your experiences. Thanks in advance!!

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I love them but am way into all that sort of girly stuff :).. But I can tell you what I do when I don't have any of the liner.. I just rose/jasmin..whatever scented bars of soap. Just tuck one in the drawer and everything in there will be that scent in just a few days.

When the soap finally gives up it's scent just use it for washing up!

Maddiemom, who also looks for inexpensive pretty wallpaper and uses it for drawer liners.

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Years ago I tried the Crabtree & Evelyn drawer liner paper (SO pretty!) but the scent was very strong at the beginning and I really didn't like it. After it aired out a bit, it was nice. Now I go the Maddiemom route and pop whatever scented soaps I might acquire into drawers and that works beautifully. I've also used the Yankee Candle 'tarts' wax potpourri (basically a tea-lite candle without the wick) to add scent to cabinets and drawers.

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I know some folks take the perfume ads from the magazines and tuck them in their drawers.

My DH used to complain that the scented paper drawer liner was stinky--too strong, I guess, and he didn't like it. I couldn't smell it, so I don't know--no sense of smell. Mostlly I used it bcs it was given to me, and it was pretty.

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I've got to ask how you keep a drawer liner paper from slipping all over the place? My mom always used them and they ended up bunched up at the back of the drawers.

I've been able to pass up on these pretties. It must be something as I've gotten older, but I can't tolerate many scents anymore. If I'm on an elevator and someone gets in wearing perfume, I'm hopping out of there if I can get to the door fast enough.

I must not be alone because I've found the last few quilt shows I attended sent out information requesting that no one wear scents to any classes, etc.


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the lady in the cubicle next to me at the allergist's office this morning said she'd gone out to dinner, and someone sitting at a nearby table had a perfume that triggered her allergies, and days later she's still suffering.

My drawer liner stayed in place (mostly) bcs it was stiff. but it was just too much trouble, so I've never replaced it.

I like it mostly bcs it's pretty.

Ooh, you know how Martha is always painting the insides of her china cabinets another color--blue or yellow, etc.? What if you decoupages the lliner to the inside of the drawer--you'd have a smooth finish (if you sanded), and the prettiness of the paper.

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When I use wallpaper I just wet the corners a bit and then it sticks. When I use other papers in the past I just used double stick tape. Now I use gule dots since I happen to have them around.


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There do seem to be more people who can't stand perfumes these days. I used to like those magazine inserts but now they all smell alike to me, perhaps I'm just smelling whatever they use to fix the fragrance to the paper? I don't buy those magazines any more. My problems with perfume in elevators is intermittent. I read somewhere that some cheaper perfumes and body sprays and deodorants contain a not very healthy chemical extender. I think the chemical was named but later I couldn't find the article again so I've never researched it further. I just assumed that I'd finally found an explanation for why sometimes I'm bothered (cheap and synthetic) and sometimes I'm not (real extract of rose petals or whatever).

We sometimes stay with relatives interstate who have perfumed soaps in all their cupboards and that doesn't bother me at all.

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That's really helpful information macbirch. Maybe that's why whatever my 22 yo son douses himself in before he goes on a date drives me insane and it just hangs in the air.

I don't even have allergies, but some of these scents I can't seem to get rid of. If my DH hugs me before he gets dresssed I can smell his deodorant on my shirt all day, yet I don't smell it on him all day.

But I love the lavendar items from The Body Shop and use them daily.


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A repairman who came to our house a few years ago, and wasn't here very long, left a fragrance that lingered all day even though I opened all the windows. Incredible.

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I, too, use those scented magazine ads. Also, if you ever see an Avon catalog, they sometimes have scented pages. They last and last. My underwear drawers (two small drawers, one for bras and one for panties) smell so nice. Lucky I don't have allergies.

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I've been wondering about those liners too, but I'm sensitive to perfumes too & wondered if my clothes would gag me after I got to work & couldn't do anything about it.

But my dresser is old & has kind of a musty smell & I think that might be worse than the liner smell. I've been putting Bounce sheets in the bottom of the drawers now & they don't bother me but they do wad up in the back of the drawer.

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I've never known anyone who has been sensitive all their lives (I mean other than people with specific conditions like asthma or excema which are triggered by certain things). It seems to be something that develops in adulthood. I've met someone whose work involves being in brand new houses and now has a problem with paint fumes, and someone who can no longer stand the smell of drycleaned clothing and no amount of airing fixed it so she had to replace all her "dryclean only" clothes. The sensitivity to perfume seems to be becoming more widespread.

Re the problem with sheets wadding up in the back of the drawer, this isn't from personal experience but I was just wondering if Blutack or those 3M Command products would work?

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