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sheconquersApril 2, 2007

I have a drawer in the bathroom for hair accessories. I was organizing it one day and came across the idea of using small Dixie cups to sort out barrettes, rubber bands, etc. in the drawer. I can take them out and put them in effortlessly. They work very well. If you use nonstick drawer liner, they don't move around too much.

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That's a great idea--little dividers, ready-made.

I once did something similar, but the paper cup (bigger than a Dixie cup, though) was too tall, so I cut it off and stuck it in the drawer to hold rubber bands.

Those high sides are really useful for stuff like rubber bands, aren't they?

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I need some drawer dividers for a vanity, and I ~really like the price of these!

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I recycle empty medicine containers (kind pills/capsules come in) for this very purpose.

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i use a styrofoam egg tray as a drawer divider. Great for earrings!

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Lena M

I needed a small container for hair clips. I figured these little plastic fruit cups must be good for something... thanks for the inspiration!


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I use yogurt containers and butter tubs (we use a brand that come in a small oval/rectangle rather than the big bowls. Have some of the butter ones in a drawer in the kitchen with rubber bands/paper clips/safety pins.


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I bought one of those plastic bead organizers with the adjustable dividers (about $3) for all my necklaces and put it in the top drawer of my dresser. The necklaces were always getting tangled up and were hard to find in any jewelry boxes I tried to use. I don't wear any other jewelry (no rings or earrings or pins), so this has been working pretty well for me.

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