Please help me identify the style of this home

AMBWILSONMay 11, 2013

This home is located in the Missouri. It is located on twenty acres and after some digging I found out it originally sat on nearly one hundred acres. The title says the house was built in apx.1940, however it also indicates that 1940 was when the kitchen was added to the existing older structure. I was able to talk to a few people with the historical society and some neighbors that have been in the area for a long while. I was told that it was built and used as a hospital during the civil war. Another interesting story is that it was a home that was built as a flood relief home in the early 1900's. Needless to say its not easy to tell what is true and what isn't. It is hard to tell if anything original exists in the house. It does have some old trim but I cant identify the period. The original roof is under the shingles and it is cedar shake. The house did have two fire places that were long ago ripped out. I would just like an idea of the direction to go in as far as remodeling. I love civil war era homes but I really don't think this is one. I just cant seem to find anything like it in the research I have been doing. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Just wanted to add a picture of the trim. It is important to us to try to remodel the home in keeping with the original time period.

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Hard to tell ... Could be anywhere from 1880s through 1940s.

The trim is a style that was popular for decades, sort of a modest Victorian influence on a basically plain functional trim (sometimes called "farmhouse Victorian).

The roof shape was a common way of building small house roofs for a long time.

Pick an era you like between about 1880 and 1930 and you can't be called wrong.

What is the floor plan like? The "workman cottage" and the basic bungalow were extremely popular between about 1900 and 1930

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I think that is a Cape Cod style. Cool house!

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Hip-roofed one story cottage with inset porch.
The trim is classical revival. Noting the egg & dart pressed molding. It's yellow pine, at that time called Georgia pine, because that was where it was being harvested.My house, remodeled in 1907 has the same wood, but a different style of molding, understandably. Don't paint it! it's great. I have spent years stripping mine so it looks like yours!

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lazygardens, Thank you for the advice. The original floor plan was two small bedrooms off a large common room. The kitchen and bathroom were added off the back of the house.

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