Progress for the day - 4/4/06

jamie_mtApril 4, 2006

Here's my organizing progress for last night & today - feel free to post your own as well! :-)

1. I got a load of laundry done last night (towels - clean towels for this morning!).

2. I made the bed, both yesterday and today.

3. I cleaned the kitchen completely before bed last night - including scrubbing the stove and washing any pots/pans that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. So while my sink isn't exactly "shiny", it is clean and empty, which is an improvement.

4. This morning I unloaded the dishwasher as part of my morning routine - so at lunch, we came home to a clean kitchen, and dirty dishes went straight into the dishwasher. I won't have to clean before I cook tonight!

5. I've updated my calendar and rearranged my schedule to accomodate calls I have to make tonight and my DH working late.

6. I've planned dinner for this evening.

Just a bunch of little things that make me much happier to walk into the house and work in my kitchen. :-)

So what have you done to "get organized" today?

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You did good!!
I had the day off...well on call. But so far have not had to go in..
I am de furring my house. We have 2 dogs and a cat. The lab really sheds!
Dust mopped the living room floor..its hard wood.
Run the vac in the dining room and dust mopped around the edges.
Listed a couple of things on free cycle..and some is already gone!
Dusted...well mostly.
Made an easy dinner, hubby had dental work today.
Put the rest of the groceries away.
Kitchen looks pretty good, did dishes and loaded dishwasher.
Oh ya, sucked the cat hair from the couch and recliner.
Hope to do good again tomorrow.
Karen L

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I have Tuesdays off, so I like to use this day to do household stuff. Today I scrubbed the wood floors and put a polishing wax on them. They look great! I guess I should've warned the family, though, because they were slipping and sliding in their socks!

I've been really working on my Flylady zones, plus decluttering. I made a lot of progress!


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I got the turntable cupboard cleaned and dumped out a bunch of dry foods. they've been in that cupboard since before I had the heart problems back in Jan of last year.

I going great guns with the laundry. I went to check to see if the load was ready for fab soft. It hadn't filled up for the first wash. I checked all breakers and such but couldn't find anything so we waited for DGS to come home and figure out what's wrong. Guess we're gonna have to get a now something or other. The joys of having your own water supply.

That will have to wait until the weekend. Joys of having a job. Anyway that one cupboard is clean

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Congrats on the accomplishments you all made!!

I really need to get around to decluttering!!

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Well done, everyone! :-) Karen, I have three dogs, and completely understand the "de-furring" process. DH is always trying to get my Collie to pick up her own fur, but he hasn't had much luck yet. My MIL bought us a dyson vaccuum for christmas, and that really is the greatest machine *ever*. LOL

I'm trying to get the flylady zones incorporated back into my days...but it's hard with the whole "work all day" thing. Slowly but surely though.

Well...another day, another post, eh? :-)

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Yesterday we started on the spring "changeover" -- switching the heavy winter duvet to the lighter summer comforter ----- and did the sheets, etc. Getting into such a clean fresh and pretty bed was such a pleasure!!

Today -- I am determined to start the changeover of the clothes -- including stashing the coats and jackets -- and switching around the drawers and closet.

And then we start the DEEP cleaning and "de-furring" (LOVE that term LOL!!) ----- so this will be a busy week!

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So far so good! Flylady's zone this week is the kitchen, so I've been really working on it. Tonight I took everything out from under the kitchen sink and scrubbed the cabinet floor clean. It was horrible! I did the same with the floor of the pantry. I cleaned out the fridge and tossed many expired foods and I wiped down the shelves. I need to clean out all my kitchen cabinets and drawers!

Tomorrow my MIL is dropping off her carpet cleaner, so that will be my next project. With 3 kids and light carpet (came with the house - not MY choice!), they get dirty so quickly!


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Last night I put in 2 roll out baskets in my kitchen cabinets. No more hands-and-knees looking for something all the way in the back.
Hey Sheryl, I cleaned all my carpets last week and boy did that feel good!

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