Where can I find brown soapstone?

eleenaFebruary 16, 2013

I have seen it on pix of finished kitchens several times, on Houzz and other places, but cannot find it anywhere.


Called several yards, like M. Teixeira, and nobody seems to carry them anymore. I have even called a couple of designers listed on the projects but got no answer (can't blame them, of course).

Could you help?

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Dorado has something on their website called Chocolate Jade.

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Maybe the reason why you can't find it is because it doesn't exist? Honestly, I'm far from an authority on the subject, but in the years since I've become very familiar with soapstone, Ive never seen nor heard of a brown soapstone. Some soapstones, such as my own Green Mountain Original PA, may have some brown coloring in them. Although my stone primarily reads black, there are times when I can see hints of brown, caramel and green colorings in the stone as well. However, that only happens when natural sunlight hits my counters in a particular way. As for the stone in the photo you posted? While it definitely looks "warm" to me, I'm not seeing "brown" on my monitor. Could it be that it's the kitchen (or photo) lighting that is causing the black of the stone to look brownish? Finally, this question so intrigued me that I followed the link that Needinfo posted. However, on the site, Dorado says its "Chocolate Jade" is not a soapstone -- but a "Jade Stone". Or, according to the site: "natural stone fused together with intense heat" (of? with?) and "jade, quartz, kaolin- and pigment powders." Go figure. Meanwhile, if you ever do find the brown soapstone of your dreams, please post and inform the rest of us about it. :-) Good luck!

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The soapstone looks like a standard soapstone .. Maybe Minas from the look of it. Not sure where you saw it referred to as brown. The article seems to link to this company http://www.thesoapstoneworks.com/soapstone.htm

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Thank you!

Yes, I saw his reference to thesoapstoneworks.com and even called them but they had nothing in brown.

If it truly is a regular (grey/black) soapstone, that was some lighting on that picture because the counter looks chocolate-brown to me!


Brown soapstone is not the stone of my dream, more like a compromise, LOL. I really want a green stone but not sure if it'd work with my current re-design. Also, green soapstones are way too dark. I am not a fan of granites but it looks like I may have to go that route.

Needinfo1 or anyone else,

Do you know what jade stones cost (on average) per sq. ft or just how they compare to soapstone?

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There's some nice brown Marble that's spidery like SS, it's called Emperador.

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