How long does it take you.................

JoAnn_FlaFebruary 15, 2013

to change bed sheets and everything on a King size bed?
I was watching my clock this morning and I can't believe it took me 15 min! It's no wonder I hate doing it.

I even used to work at Disney in housekeeping at one time (hated every second of it too)

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We only have a full sized bed. Now that DH is retired, I 'make' him help me change the bedding. Takes less than 2 minutes with 2 people doing it. I'd estimate that doing it alone? Probably 10 minutes. Makes such a difference when you don't have to lap the bed 5-6 times to get everything straight and neat.

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Not being anywhere near related to a king ...
... ain't never had nuthin' to do with any king sized bed!

And ... were I to put one into my bedroom ... there wouldn't be any room for me (or the dresser ... chest of drawers ... clock on night table - you get the picture: couldn't even open the closet door!

Can't you just see me ... standing in the doorway ... and doing a belly-flop onto that room-filling bed? And no one with whom to share it?

Takes me about 5 min. to do my single, I think - maybe 10 ... haven't done it in a while ... and didn't clock it when I did.

ole joyful

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Yep, I can relate. And it doesn't help when Roxie always jumps on the bed chasing the sheets and getting underneath them running around.

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But the smell of clean sheets totally outweighs the ordeal. LOL

Joann, I have never timed myself, but then I also don't have a king size bed...


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Joann, maybe it's time to get a smaller bed! I traded my king bed into 2 electric adjustable beds - now I only have a twin to make - takes about 5 minutes OR LESS!

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I've got a queen....there's plenty of room for the 2 of us with room left over ........we could have large dogs sleeping with us if we ever go THAT route....:0)

No time at all .....and I never see it as a chore....once a week is all I change them....

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We had a king and downsized to a queen last year. I don't feel that there's enough room at all for the two of us. I feel crowded.

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Yes, it takes me at least that long by my self. Maybe longer. And for us, a queen (short queen at that) in the RV, is not big enough for the two of us. But then, neither one of us is very little! And that short queen takes me almost as long, if not AS long! Of course it's a much more cramped space to make it in, too.


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It takes me a good 15 minutes because we use several thin blankets and quite a few pillows.

OJ, you're a funny, funny boy. :)

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It's a job that I dislike also and I am happy that the girl who helps me does it most of the time. What I mind is that it kills my arms and shoulders.....

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Not room for two on a queen size???? I've slept 2 in a single! I use a single all the time now for myself and love it. No way do I want bigger. Making the bed takes litte effort. To each his own!l I sure wouldn't want to go back to a bigger one just for myself.

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I do all housework (when I do it) listening to my yoga music~~I do not know how long bed changing takes~~it is no big chore, 15 mins does not seem like much;)

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I would guess it takes about 8 to 10 minutes to make my king size bed. I sleep so much better in a king size than a queen... we have a little dog that sleeps with us, but she likes to lie horizontally........ so she takes up a lot of space.

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Like lydia1959 we like a king sized bed the best, we also have a little dog that likes to sleep horizontally.

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Speaking of changing the sheets, not making the bed, which is a daily chore. I'm at the point that just making the bed is a chore, because of the pain and stiffness in my back and legs. So I confess I follow the old adage that covers a lot of chores: give it a lick and a promise. Martha Stewart doesn't live here, or even visit.

But, if you have the Sleep Number adjustable bed like I have, first deflate it completely. That loosens all the tucked under corners, which then just lift off. Then put the clean sheets on. I can lift the mattress a little at each corner and the tucked under corners go on much easier. When you are finished, inflate to 100 and that will straighten out the kinks, if any. Also makes the bed look better. Later, set the remote wherever you want it.


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I'd rather change my king size sheets than DD's bed that is raised-almost as tall as a bunk bed, but not quite. Thats a real chore! I'd never give up my king-even if I was alone!

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Ivamae, neither DH or I am small. I am short, but am very fluffy, he is tall and fluffy. We are used to a California King in the house, and the way he sleeps, there isn't room for two! After all the years he was on midnight shift and we slept seperately, he is almost always snuggled up against me, unless he gets too hot. So I am still on the edge of the bed! LOL! The short queen in the RV seems VERY cramped after the CA King in the house. However, we have managed to BOTH sleep in the same berth on the train the first night on our train trip to CA. That was the night he found out he is claustrophbic. He couldn't sleep on the top bunk. Those bunks are MAYBE 3' wide, but I wouldn't count on it. Let's just say it was VERY cozy!

Sue, if we ever get a sleep number for the RV, which I desperately want, I will have to remember your trick! The spring mattress in it is killing me. We have a temperpedic in the house.


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Never timed it, but it's a hated chore for me because I'm short (err, I'm brief). I can get two or three corners on but struggle to finish. I gave up ironing a long time ago, by the way.

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We have a Calif. King bed and it takes about ten minutes to make it. DH usually helps or does the whole thing himself since I have arthritis in my hands and two of the most painful things to do are bedmaking and vacuuming.

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Good news, for those of you who feel crowded in your beds ...

... it's reported that people shrink as they age ... which should be a double-barrelled benefit (unless you replace your current partner with a younger one).

Not quite sure what the " ... and everything", on the original post means ... blankets, plus ??

Also, in the light of some commentators stories re sharing their beds with four-legged critters ... have you ever seen a dog/cat/?? that chooses/has found a way to sleep vertically? There's another option?

o j ... slinking off into the darkness

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Tami, I kn0w what y0u mean ab0ut an RV bed. The bed in 0ur 5th wheel was plain unc0mf0rtable, but I g0t a 3" f0am t0p and it helped a l0t. The 0pp0site happened here at h0me. Finally t00k that f0am 0ff and we b0th sleep better in 0ur Queen. Had a King, but Harry said I felt t00 far away. We fit fine in it, even th0ugh neither 0ne 0f us is thin.

It may take 15 minutes t0 put the clean sheets 0n, but it d0esn't seem like it. Much easier with0ut that f0am, I musy say.

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It takes about 5 minutes to make a king-sized bed, once I run the kitties off!

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king here too-always has been-even as a single person

takes me,on a good day for me between 5 and 8 min I s'pose-good lot of that time is due to there being very very little space to get around it in this little wee house.

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I wasn't talking about making a bed, I was talking striping everything then putting on fresh. No way 5 min! unless your superwomen, then I need your bed changing secret.

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Tami, hope you get the Sleep Number for the RV soon. No fun being out to relax and enjoy if your back is hurting, I've had mine for a long time, and then it just came to me one day to do the deflate/inflate thing.


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