Air freshner recommend in kitchen to get rid of food smell

minalApril 16, 2011


Hope this is the right forum to ask this question. After I have cooked food in the kitchen, the whole house smells of the cooked food. When I am hungry thats ok, but later on the smell lingers on. I have tried using Glade air freshners and those stones that you put in glass ware. But nothing seems to get rid of the smell.

Any suggestions are welcome. I am thinking of opening the window while I cook now that the weather is a little warmer. I also clean the kitchen up after cooking and that still doesnt help the smell in the other rooms.

What do you use to freshen up the air around the house?

thanks a lot


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Don't you have a kitchen vent fan? Use it every time you cook.

Air FreshENers only cover up odors. They don't eliminate them.

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Actually yes I do, but its really noisy and I always get irritated by the noise. But I guess I will give it a try and see if it works.


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I've found that X-O works really well to neutralize odors. It works fast and doesn't leave a lingering odor of its own. I can't stand heavy "air fresheners" and those wax and oil scents give me a headache. You can get X-O at super markets and hardware stores.

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great will try that.

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Hi minal,

I'm with you on not using the fan. It works well, but the sound is not good!

I have had very good luck burning a candle in the kitchen for about 15 minutes - it seems to absorb the smell - & is certainly economical.

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An extractor range hood is the way to go... vent fans don't work as well. Also airing the house after dinner and after cleaning the kitchen (we open all windows for a few minutes even in winter) will work well enough. Air fresheners don't work at all.


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Open windows after dinner for just 5 minutes will do. Air fresheners don't work-they just add their own scent to cover up the food smell.

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I have found that most air fresheners really just cover up, but some that say odor eliminator actually does the job. Neutra-Air really does work. I use it after frying bacon or hamburger in the house. I do a spritz in each room, not just the kitchen.

Years ago I had a "smoke eliminator" candle that worked also. Very effective on smoke and food odors. I found it at an outdoor fle-market festival type event - have never found another that is as effective.

I'm sure on a scientific level, someone would prove that it doesn't work -:) - but I found that it did.


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If you Google natural air fresheners, you'll come up with fresh coffee grounds,vinegar, and cut lemons and limes. Por some coffee in a bowl, set out a bowl of vinegar overnight,and/or cut some citrus fruit and leave it out. These all work nicely.

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On the short list of "things I wish my home had," a really good extractor hood (with a powerful fan that's mounted up on the outside of the roof, or otherwise shielded in terms of noise) is 2nd on the list, right after a mud room.

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I have found that closing the bedroom doors and lighting a candle in the kitchen before starting cooking works. I do a lot of outdoor grilling, even in winter; just keep a path shoveled to the grill :-)

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A HEPA filter with a carbon pre-filter works really well. I got one for allergies and it helps with food odors.

I'd stay away from any of your aerosol fresheners. Just not healthy for the lungs. Bowls of vinegar, coffee grounds, baking soda...all those absorb odors. Put a pan of water on the stove and add a little vanilla and some cloves and simmer...smells very nice!

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I take a paper towel and wet it down with white vinegar and wave it all around. Really does a good job. Also, I sometime put a vinegar dampened towel on the air ducts for a short while . Also helps to freshen. And I have also mixed white vinegar and water in a spray bottle that has a fine mist setting. You can spray and any dampness that settles would be minimal.

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I just learned of a natural air-freshener/deodorizer. Take a small glass jar, fill it 1/4 full with baking soda, and add 6-10 drops of your favorite essential oil--I like orange. Works like a charm!

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ICF_I'll try what you suggested. I have a box of baking soda and some lavender oil handy. I'll put it in a pretty glass bottle.

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I haven't tried this stuff but I'm planning to order some. I've seen it at stores a few times and I'm intrigued by how it works.

This information is from their website. They are all natural and claim to eliminate odors not just cover them up. If anyone has tried them please post your opinion.

"A breath of fresh air.

Tired of heavily perfumed deodorizers that merely mask foul smells? Fresh Wave is the cure for the common, chemical air freshener. Unscented Fresh Wave was created to eliminate odors naturally. Fresh Wave Sprays, Crystal Gels, Candles, Vacuum Pearls, Laundry Multi-Purpose Additive, Carpet Shake and Pearl Packs all use the power of nature for safe, non-toxic odor elimination without the use of perfumes or fragrances. Simple, natural, ingredients like Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed Clove, Cedarwood and Water.

They're great for the home, car, office, cabin, boat, locker, gym bag and every place else. Wherever you have an odor, we have a Fresh Wave solution.

And Fresh Wave products are backed by 20 years of experience in odor management and a proven track record of effectiveness because they are created and distributed by OMI Industries, the world leader in odor control and management. OMI Industries products, which include Ecosorb (industrial), Fresh Wave IAQ (commercial) have been used for years to eliminate the most foul odors on earth. You can find OMI products put to use every day in places such as solid waste facilities, asphalt factories, rubber manufacturing plants, hotel rooms, rental cars, offices, and homes around the world. Using proven science, the natural ingredients in Fresh Wave products bond with odors to safely get rid of smells in the air, woven materials, confined spaces and everywhere else odors lurk."

Here is a link that might be useful: Fresh Wave

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I read somewhere that ammonia works well and have tried it and it does. You only need a drop or two in a small dish and leave it and it takes the smell away.

Before that I used Oust and that works also.

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I have a bottle of the fresh wave pearls that my vacuum place recommended (Miele). You are suppose to put them in the bag before using and it keeps it smelling nice. So far it has done a little for it but we do have animals so I am sure that makes a difference. I may just need to use more in the bag. I have also used the natural gel crystals (made in USA but from a different company) and those do make a difference, especially in the basement. You can't really smell them but it keeps the basement "smell" away and when you walk into the basement (ours if finished) it just smells clean.

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I really like the febreze Vanilla candle
It actually removes the odours very efficiently
also has a natural scent

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Especially for fish odor, boil white vinegar in a pan for a while (don't let it boil dry). The whole house will smell like vinegar for a while then it seems like the vinegar smell disappears and takes the funk with it.

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Dip a washcloth or some other small cloth in a mixture of vinegar and water, wring out, then fan the air. It neutralizes the odors floating around.

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A stove fan on while cooking and maybe a few minutes after will help. Don't buy candles or sprays or air fresheners. They just temporarily "trick" your nose. Open a window and air out your house as often as you can. Only fresh air (and sunshine) will do any real good. And they are free, haha!

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Use a exhaust fan when cooking, unfortunately if it isn't a very good one then you might still have issues. Try to open your windows every other day let the house air out, it's the only other way to get the smells "out" of the house and fresh air in. Replace filters in ac and heater units frequently and when all that still isn't enough I recommend "Scentsy" warmers, they are just ceramic jars with a light bulb that heats up wax. It works better than candles, lasts longer and smells very good. I used Airwick and other plug ins for years but the Scentsy warmers work much better and the smells won't give you a headache.

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Don't forget to clean the filters on your exhaust fan!

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