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kraftdeeApril 24, 2008

I need help with storing dishes. I have a small area to store so need stackable dish storage containers. The soft plastic or fabric containers don't look like they stack well. Does anyone have suggestions or recommend product to use for storing? Thanks!

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I, too, have little space for dish storage. I pretty much have only on 24 inch wife wall cab for dish and glassware. I only keep enough dishes/glasses for about 1 day in my accessible kitchen storage, and keep extras high in the pantry for use when I have more people over. That helps me keep on top of the dishwasher and kitchen cleaning, too. I also use something like this for plates and bowls.

Here is a link that might be useful: stackers

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I agree w/ the idea of not having too many at hand, esp. if there aren't that many of you. Basically, 1 days' worth.

Here's another sort of stacker:

A shelf w/ two shelves (makes 3 layers of dishes)

a corner shelf w/ two shelves that are spaced a bit farther apart than some versions of this

Another corner version

You can find corner ones w/ only one shelf, sometimes; handy if you have thick stoneware.

another rectangular version

Here's another single shelf.

You could even (if these are spaced too closely for mugs, you can just buy cup hooks at the hardware store) if you're allowed to put holes in the shelf (if you're renting, you could pull the landlord's shelf out and stash it somewhere, then put in your own shelf, have a lumber yard cut the right thickness of plywood to size, and then paint, or use this )

This looks nice and low

Here's this looks like a great idea, but I bet in real life it's a bit of a pain

I keep my china-cabinet teacups in , but it's not so great for mugs

, or use this sort of thing can help you use a little sliver of space under the shelf.

these are mail-order sources, but you can usually find these at housewares stores (Bed Bath & Beyond, for example), or sometimes at places like Target. And some of the smaller hardware stores.

Also, I have at times considered getting *different dishes*/

Corelleware is SO much thinner than my mom's Fiestaware, my stoneware, and other sorts of dishes. And I found I needed 3x as much space once I traded in my Corelleware for thicker dishes.

Even my fine china is thinner than my everydayware. And it takes up less space.

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Thanks so much. These are great ideas.

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Talley Sue, those are great ideas that I might be able to use, too. I have the corner 2-shelf unit that barely fits in my cabinet so I can't use the top shelf.

I love my Corelle because they are thinner and take up less room in the cabinet and the dishwasher.

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I finally found the single-shelf corner shelf

I find the single shelf (which creates 2 levels) to be easier to use; almost every place I've tried to put my two-shelf (3 levels) one, the top shelf is completey unusable. Or, it will hold only a single thing, like the butter tray.

The Container Store has some nice versions of this.

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