walk in closets pics ??

trailrunnerbikerApril 3, 2006

I tried to see pics of closets from the past but they have "passed on". I sure would appreciate any pics that you have. I usually hang out over in appliances /kitchens / and Old House....we are trying to get the master bedroom closet enlarged and then organized. THANKS

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let's bump it down.


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Well, I don't have a very large closet. It's walk-in though. We went to a retail fixtures store and had them cut some slatboard & make shelving to size for us. We painted the MDF slatboard and shelving white. We were also able to buy baskets to hold things like socks. We had the slatboard cut to reach from floor to ceiling. We bought deeper shelves for above our head height. We also got two travelling sales racks. These racks were the correct width for our space and are height adjustable and are mounted on wheels. They can be moved in and out of the space.

The closet is about 8' deep but has a sloping roof. It's only about 5' wide. We have matching 6' chests of drawers in the bedroom and had shelving behind doors built-in on the short walls of our dormer master bedroom. So, the closet doesn't hold everything.

underexposed pictures of our walk-in closet

You can't see the 2nd rack of clothing behind the first in any of the pictures, but it's there.

Here's an example of a retail fixtures store, where I sourced the slatboard & the MDF shelving. They have all sorts of finishes & materials. We just chose to go the paintable MDF route because I wanted a paintable surface - ease of change.

retail fixture store where you can browse through their product listing on line.

We found the pricing to be much less than if we'd gone with parts / pieces specifically "designed" for closets. I also hate that little wire shelving stuff. Everything just falls off or through. We didn't need any cabinetry, so that wasn't an issue for us.

Hope this helps.

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andrea - your pics helped me to visualize the spacing for shelves in my closet. Thanks!

Anyone else have closet photos to post? In a couple of months I'll need to lay out our closets & am gathering ideas.

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