How do I get rid of

tami_ohioSeptember 5, 2012

the tang in low salt tomato sauce? Can I add just a little brown sugar to it? It leaves a funny after taste.

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Sugar might help....did you use a salt substitute??...I hope not! If you used a salt substitute, I am afraid the only thing that will mask that is lots of red peppers. If it's just an overly acid taste from fresh tomatoes, sugar will fix it.
Linda C

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Sometimes I put in a spoonful of grape jam / jelly. Sugar does work though.

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Why brown sugar? I've never tried it, but don't see how the molasses flavor would benefit the sauce over straight white. At aside from that, a pat of butter can smooth out some harsher notes.

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And if it's just sour....cheese helps. The calcium is a buffering agent, softening the effect of excess acid...or alkali.

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Seed the tomatoes before you make the sauce.

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I toss a handful of grated carrots in my sauce.

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My uncle swore by a pinch of baking soda and a pinch of sugar.

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This is store bought Hunts no salt added sauce for my dad. When I made him chili, we thought it was the chili powder. We don't like spicey food, and dad especially. I thought maybe I had put to much in for him. Well, I didn't have any tomato paste in the cabinet, only in the basement, when I made sloppy joes the other night. So I used a can of his no salt added tomato sauce. Now I know what he was talking about. And it seemed to upset his stomach a little. The label says it has tomato puree (water, tomato paste), water, less than 2% of dextrose, tomato fiber, citric acid, spice, natural flavors.

Total fat 0g
Sat. Fat 0g
Trans fat 0 g
Cholest. 0mg
Sodium 20mg
Potassium 170mg
Total Carg. 5g
Fiber 1g
Sugars 3g
Protein less than 1g

I don't can, and buy specific brands because I am allergic to garlic, and most have it in them.

No salt substitues were added, at least by me.

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Cheese would mellow it, but you don't want the salt there. I would buy some tomatoes while they are in season, peel them and cook them with some onion and celery until a little thickened and freeze.
It's the citric acid that's added, and the "spice" and "natural flavors" that makes it taste bad.

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Mother's red sauce is EXTREMELY acidic, (it'll burn a hole
in a 1 inch thick board in 30 seconds). What I do,
(when she is not looking), is add some ketchup, (catsup),
to it, and stir it up quick, before she has a chance
to notice. Of course, only Heinz will do.
She thinks she makes the best sauce in the world,
and I just sit back and smile to myself.

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I think your first problem is tomato "sauce". Like Linda said it's got spice and natural flavors, neither of which are necessarily a good thing when it comes to this product.

I'd scout out another tomato product you prefer, be it ground, crushed, diced, whole, etc. tomatoes that meet your sodium requirements and actually taste good. All of these are staples in my pantry, but "sauce" is not. You can puree and cook down any of these to your desired consistency. While I've never tried it, starting with pure tomato powder sounds like an option with potential. I know Grainlady has recommended places to buy it cheaply in bulk but I'd have to search for those threads.

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Tami, I think FOAS may be right. Perhaps you and your dad need to use another brand of tomato product. I use Cento All Purpose Crushed Tomatoes. Citric acid is not listed as an ingredient. They have a lively tomato flavor but are not overly tangy. And there are only 20 mgs sodium per quarter cup. That means they are fairly low sodium but have a good taste. The crushed tomatoes come in a 28 oz can, so I freeze whatever I don't use when I open the can.

I bought a packet of tomato powder from Harmony House (at Amazon) to try. I've found it perfect for dishes that need a bit of tomato flavoring but not necessarily an entire can of sauce or paste or whatever.

I can get the Cento at Safeway and another local grocery store chain. You may have to investigate the different brands and products available in your area. You might even try a health food store. The idea of grated carrot would give a natural sweetness to anything. And a pinch or two of white sugar would probably do the trick too.

However, if worse comes to worse, my suggestion is to use the lowest sodium tomato products you can find easily at your local grocery stores, and be sure to omit the salt from all the other ingredients -- salt free chili powder, salt free beans, etc.

Most tomato products include citric acid, so if tomato sauce was part of your regular recipe, he would have eaten citric acid laced tomatoes every time you served it to him. My guess is that the citric acid alone may not be responsible for any stomach upset.

Finally, no matter what anyone says, foods made without salt taste differently. There is definitely a sense that something is missing. It can be difficult to get used to a low sodium diet. Perhaps salt used to mask flavors in some dishes that otherwise wouldn't have been as appetizing to you or your dad. Maybe it's not so much an aftertaste but a lack of an expected familiar taste. (And, believe me, I am very familiar with that sensation.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cento Crushed Tomatoes

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And all tomato brands are not alike! I bought a whole case of the Tutterosa (?) brand of crushed tomatoes (28 oz. can) at BJ's and I did not like the taste of this brand at all - so glad they are all gone. I did get one can of the Cento brand to try this past weekend. And I got a can of their pizza sauce which I did sample - quite good.

If you can find the Escalon 5-in-1 products in your area or choose to order them online, they are the absolute best when it comes to canned tomatoes and they are worth every penny.


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6 in 1 tomatoes are delicious but they do contain salt. 210mg per 1/2 cup. They don't contain anything else but tomatoes and salt, however.

I suggest Pomi tomato products. They are aseptically packaged with no added salt. I buy them at the Greek market close to me but Amazon carries them as well. Very tasty.

I'm no good at clickable links so here is the cut and paste link to the Pomi website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pomi

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I don't know about the salt or low salt content affecting the taste, but I've used Hunt's tomato products and tasted that bad after taste (and during taste, for that matter) - kind of bitter. I switched to Cento, also, and they are so much better. I don't know how much salt they contain.

I guess the bottom line is look for a different brand to find one you like. Some brands just taste yucky. Oh, and if you still have some of that Hunts on hand, I agree that a little sugar or honey will help a bit.


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It's the citric acid. I'm guessing you let it simmer and it became more concentrated? I tried to doctor up a jarred sauce once, adding fresh garlic and herbs. It tasted great until I let it simmer longer, then it became so sour it actually hurt my mouth.

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Ok, you have given me some ideas. I'll look and see what I can find. I have to stay away from anything with seeds, as mom has diverticulitis, and away from garlic for me. Do you think if I just use tomato paste and water I'll be ok? At least for the next week? Dad wants to go on our big family camping trip/antique gas and steam engine show. I am trying to get the food ready, load my own RV and have to get theirs ready. I am not sure how this is going to work this year. Right now, he can't be left alone. They are staying at my brothers. We are playing it by ear. DB may just have to bring them for the day and take them home at night, I don't know at this point. Just know that I am cooking.

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