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enduringFebruary 15, 2013

Breezy and anyone else that is familiar with the Seattle interior's scene, where can I go to get (buy) fabulous fabric & cabinet hardware? I would be fun to see room layouts, stone, & tiles too if I have time.

I was somewhere last year and I don't remember if it was in Georgetown or SODO. It had a large design center I believe. A few meandering streets that looked almost like alleys connecting parking, etc.

My only access is with the bus & light rail. I am in Beacon Hill. I can take a bus from here to Georgetown on a bus, or the light rail is nearby where I am staying.

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I think you may be referring to the Seattle Design Center. I'll link their website below. Looks like you need an appt to go. I'm in a rush, but I'll try to remember the one hole in the wall cabinet hardware store I visited in Seattle. I think it was near the Magnolia Bridge, but can't remember. It had by far the most selection of any other place I visited.

Welcome to the gray PNW!

Here is a link that might be useful: Seattle design center

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I think you may need a professional to get you in most places at the Design Center. And it's in Georgetown, near a whole bunch of great granite and tile places.

I know what hardware store you're thinking of Breezy... I had to look it up, remembering it's on 15th. It's Builders' Hardware & Supply. Also, Chown Hardware in Bellevue and Morgan's Electric & Plumbing in Ballard had quite a bit of cabinet hardware to see.

Tile: Seattle Tile (almost across the street from Morgan's in Ballard), United Tile in Renton, and, especially, Statements Tile in Georgetown are my favorites for tile options and displays. Ambiente European Tile Design, just up from Green Lake, was a fun place to look and get inspiration, but they were expensive. DalTile, Oregon Marble & Granite, and Pental also have nice tile displays.

If you find a fabulous place for fabrics, I'd love to know! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Builder's Hardware & Supply

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You don't necessarily need a professional to get you into SDC
Call and ask.

Chown Hardware has a lot of stuff as Rhome mentioned.
12001 NE 12th St
Ste 38
Bellevue, WA 98005

Right in that area of 12th and 120th in Bellevue has mutiple stores.
has lots of tiles and is near Chowns in Bellevue. I think. Call and ask. There is a strip mall with a bunch of remodeling type of stores there. Not sure how you get to Bellevue on the bus.
is on Stone Way and there are multiple stores on the street.
Morgans electric being one. There is a tile store across the street Rhome mentioned.
It is near Greenlake. You can probably get there by getting off the bus on 45th and Stone Way and walking South on Stone Way. Do you know how to do the city metro map planner? It works pretty well.

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Thank you so much you guys. I don't know if I can get to Bellevue or north of downtown. My DS's family is a one car family and DIL has a big project this weekend and will be using the car all day. Oh well.

So today I've been to Georgetown and SODO with DH. Went to the best little diner on Airport Way (I think) The BLT was delicious, and the fries were too. The place was called the Square Knot. Then we walked around. Decided not to go to the Design Center.

Talked to an upholsterer briefly and got directions to a bus stop. Headed to SODO. Stopped at the antique mall that is on Lander street. Very fun. Went to the fabric shop that someone in Georgetown directed me too. Not what I wanted. Went to Restoration Hardware. Their cabinet pulls are not what I want. Got dessert at Macrina's on 1st Ave. and it was wonderful. Hours later got back to DS's house with an expensive handblown glass I bought in Georgetown, and a bar of soap that smells like Earl Grey tea.

The upholsterer I mentioned above, I bumped into again in SODO, at the fabric store. He was looking for thread. He told me about a nice little fabric store that sells high end fabrics at a discount. I've looked it up and it's called Designer Fabric Liquidations. I'll link the site below. I don't know if I'll get there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Designer Fabric Liquidations

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The Designer Fabric Liq is on Eastlake. They do not have a lot of any one thing. It is kind of like high end remnant store but it is fab.

You should be able to get there on the bus.

I am glad that you had a good day of outing.

The weather today was absolutely beautiful for Feb.

My kids have a long weekend. Both my kids are kind of sick so we decided to not go skiing. Too bad. The mountain would have been glorious.

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Kaismom, thanks for the info. We googled the trip by bus and it would be 1 1/2 hours! That makes no sense to me. It is 5 miles away. Yes it was a beautiful day. Years ago I lived in Bellingham and remember loving these winter days of sun. This afternoon, walking back home from the Beacon Hill station, we had a spectacular view of the Cascades.

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